WWE Told CM Punk Not To Mention Kevin Dunn In Pipebomb Promo

Punk mentioned plenty of others during the infamous promo

Despite occurring over a decade ago, CM Punk’s infamous ‘pipebomb’ promo on WWE RAW is still discussed and dissected by wrestling fans and wrestling professionals alike. 

Now, Punk himself has shed some more light on the creative process behind the promo, telling the Dropping Character podcast that WWE specifically said he couldn’t mention EVP of Television Production Kevin Dunn in his diatribe:

“When I showed up that day, he [Vince McMahon] found me and he said, ‘You’re gonna go out there and air your grievances tonight’ and I was [laughing] ‘Sure I am. Sure I am, guy’, and he’s like, ‘Write some stuff down and let me approve it’ and I’m not gonna name names but I got with some people who were writers and I started talking about things that I wanted to say and they said, ‘Oh he’s not approving any of this. He’s not gonna want you to mention Brock’ because Brock Lesnar was gone and they had a tumultuous relationship with lawsuits and stuff that I would soon experience myself. You know, so, in my mind, what I did was I immediately just shut down and I went with the flow and I let them write stuff down and hand to Vince and Vince went, ‘Okay, this looks good.’ He gave a couple of notes, some of which I used. One was don’t mention Kevin Dunn who is the guy in the production truck, don’t mention somebody else. ‘Okay’, and then I went out and said whatever the f*** I wanted.”

Dunn has often drawn the ire of wrestling fans, with many criticising Dunn’s production values amongst other things. 

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