WWE Will Make More Cinematic Matches In The Future

A staple of the future...

At WrestleMania 36, WWE filmed two cinematic bouts as The Undertaker and AJ Styles squared off in a Boneyard match, while "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt and John Cena went one on one in a Firefly Funhouse match. Both contests were received well by fans, and the Boneyard match was considered the best bout over both nights. 

The company taped another cinematic match earlier this week as the Men's and Women's Money In The Bank Ladder matches were filmed at WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. 

This won't be the last time we see this style of match in WWE as Vince McMahon told investors during the company's Q1 2020 results conference call that they will be making more "mini movies" in the future.

McMahon said: "It's a challenging environment, obviously, but nonetheless, you've got to take advantage of that challenging environment and somehow make it, obviously, as good as it can be. But make it special. So, we've done certain things we're going to do more of. For instance, getting out of that environment and doing, in essence, mini movies like we did at WrestleMania and many other personality profiles that we can do a whole lot better and will."

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