WWE WrestleMania 38 Night 1 Results

Everything that happened at WWE WrestleMania 38 night 1!

The Show Of Shows, The Showcase Of The Immortals, The Granddaddy Of Them All, The Greatest Spectacle In Sports Entertainment. 

WWE kicked off the 38th edition of WrestleMania on Saturday, April 2 from Arlington's AT&T Stadium and WrestleMania Saturday featured the return of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin, Charlotte Flair vs. Ronda Rousey for the SmackDown Women's Championship and much more. The planned New Day vs. Sheamus and Ridge Holland match was scrapped, though, due to time constraints. 

Check out everything that happened at WrestleMania Saturday below:

Following a performance of 'America The Beautiful' to kick off a show from World Wrestling Entertainment, an introductory video package presented by Mark Wahlberg, and a dance from the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, the in-ring action began. 

The Usos (c) def. Shinsuke Nakamura & Rick Boogs – SmackDown Tag Team Championships

After feuding for the last month, The Usos defended the gold for the seventh time in their fifth reign with the titles against Shinsuke Nakamura and Rick Boogs. 

Early on, Rick Boogs' knee gave out after he tried to hit a Samoan Drop on Jimmy and Jey Uso at the same time and it was later announced he had torn his quadricep patella and would require surgery.

The former Rik Bugez lay on the outside for the remainder of the match, leaving Shinsuke to fight on alone and Nakamura went for a Kinshasa but it was blocked with a Superkick from Jey.

Jimmy then followed up with an Uso Splash and Nakamura managed to kick out. His resistance was fleeting, though, as another Superkick followed before The Usos hit the 1D to pin the five-time IWGP Intercontinental Champion. 

Drew McIntyre def. Happy Corbin

Having feuded since November of 2021, Drew McIntyre looked to exact revenge once again on the undefeated (under his current name) Happy Corbin in the second match of WrestleMania Saturday. 

Following a Swanton over the top rope to the outside from McIntyre, The Scottish Warrior went for a Claymore but Corbin ducked and decked McIntyre with the End Of Days!

No one had ever kicked out of the deadly finisher but that changed at WrestleMania as McIntyre somehow managed to get his shoulder up at 2.9. 

Irn Dru then fired back with a Futureshock DDT and following a 3-2-1 countdown, McIntyre hit the Claymore for the 1-2-3. 

McIntyre then had a moment after the match as he destroyed the ring, slicing the top two ropes with his sword, Angela, after Madcap Moss climbed onto the apron. 

Logan Paul & The Miz def. Rey & Dominik Mysterio

After beginning a feud following January's Royal Rumble pay-per-view, Rey and Dominik Mysterio faced The Miz and his handpicked tag team partner Logan Paul in the third match of the show - after the ring had been repaired, of course.

Paul was a natural throughout the contest and was seemingly the biggest heel in sports entertainment as boos filled AT&T Stadium during his entrance and every time he hit a big move. 

After the heels controlled the early going, working over Dominik, both teams eventually fought back and forth after the younger Mysterio made the hot tag to his father. 

Paul then generated the ultimate heel heat, hitting Three Amigos on Rey Mysterio before he did a Kip Up and decked The Master Of The 619 with a Frog Splash for a close near fall. 

The Mysterios' got their revenge on Paul moments later, however, as they hit a Double 619 before Double Frog Splashes. 

The Miz was actually the legal man, though, and he slammed Dominik onto Rey as the former World Heavyweight Champion made the cover on Paul and he followed up with a Skull Crushing Finale to Rey for the shock win. 

The heels celebrated following the match but Paul still ended his night down and out following a Skull Crushing Finale from Miz.

Following the match, Stephanie McMahon appeared on stage and introduced Gable Steveson, who waved at the crowd. 

Bianca Belair def. Becky Lynch (c) – Raw Women's Championship

Following two dramatic entrances in which Bianca Belair had a whole marching band, Becky Lynch defended her Raw Women's Title against The EST Of WWE. 

Lynch tried to score the win early with several roll-up attempts but Belair managed to hang with The Man for longer than 26 seconds this time around. 

Both women then fought back and forth in what was easily the best match of the night so far and Lynch grew increasingly frustrated every time Belair kicked out. 

Belair later went for a KOD but Lynch grabbed the ropes. The EST of WWE simply hit her finisher to the outside instead and the challenger then rolled Lynch into the ring, but Big-Time Becks simply rolled out to the other side of the squared circle and she used Belair's braid to pull her into the ring post. 

Lynch then hit a Manhandle Slam on the steel steps and she looked set to retain her title by count-out but the challenger got back into the ring at the count of nine. 

Lynch proceeded to have a brief meltdown before she dragged Belair to her feet and went for another Manhandle Slam, only to have Belair flip out of the attempt by using the second rope before The EST Of WWE hoisted the Raw Women's Champion up for a KOD to score the 1-2-3. 

Vince McMahon's Chosen Opponent def. Seth Rollins

The match many fans had been waiting for was next on the show but Seth Rollins had his own dramatic entrance first, with a choir serenading him to the ring.  

A suitably grand entrance followed before 'Wrestling has more than one royal family' erupted inside the arena as 'The American Nightmare' Cody Rhodes made his return to WWE, complete with him coming up from under the stage!

Corey Graves even said 'From Undesirable to Undeniable', referring to Cody's classic promo from November 2019 on AEW Dynamite, and the crowd was electric once the bell rang.

Both men battled back and forth, with Cody calling back to his Stardust days with a Cartwheel before Seth shouted 'Welcome to the big leagues, b***h.' Cody simply fired back with a Tope Suicida, sending Seth crashing over the announce table.

A flurry of action followed as Rollins fired back with a Buckle Bomb into the barricade before he connected with a Springboard Knee and Falcon Arrow back in the ring for a near fall. Multiple finisher reversals then followed before Cody connected with Crossroads for a near fall.

Both men teased hitting a Pedigree next in the match, with Cody even hooking the arms before he connected with a Powerbomb instead. A Cody Cutter followed for another really close near fall as desperation began to sink in for Cody. 

Rollins then hit a Pedigree from out of nowhere, with Rhodes kicking out just as doubt began to creep into fans' hearts.

Rhodes allayed those doubts with a second Crossroads before he hit two more. The American Nightmare didn't go for the pin, though, instead decking Rollins with Dusty Rhodes' trademark punches and Bionic Elbow.

A final Crossroads was then executed for good measure as Cody Rhodes picked up a huge win in his WWE return.

Charlotte Flair (c) def. Ronda Rousey – SmackDown Women's Championship

In the final match of WrestleMania Saturday, 2022 Women's Royal Rumble Winner Ronda Rousey challenged Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown Women's Championship, rekindling their feud from 2019. 

Both women battled back and forth for the first several minutes and Rousey managed to score the first big move of the match, applying the Ankle Lock. 

Flair escaped and several more submission attempts followed before Charlotte managed to apply the Figure Eight. The situation looked desperate for Rousey but the UFC Hall Of Famer turned it over, escaping the deadly finisher. 

An annoyed Flair went for another Big Boot but Rousey countered into Piper's Pit. She then looked to have the match won as Charles Robinson counted the 1-2-3, only to realise Flair had her foot on the bottom rope. 

Rousey pleaded with the official but all this did was provide the opening for Flair to connect with Natural Selection. Rousey managed to kick out, though, as the match continued!

Flair went for the Figure Eight again but Rousey kicked Charlotte Flair, causing her to Spear Charles Robinson. This was the moment Rousey finally managed to apply the Armbar and Flair tapped out but there was no official to register the victory.

Rousey let go of the move to get Robinson back to his feet, however, just as before, Flair took advantage connecting with a Big Boot.

Rousey was then out for the count and Charlotte covered the 2022 Women's Royal Rumble winner to retain the SmackDown Women's Title. 

KO Show with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin 

After months of disparaging Texas, Kevin Owens made his way to the ring for the main event KO Show with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin. 

Owens began the segment by repeatedly insulting Texas and disparaging Austin, claiming the WWE Hall Of Famer would do nothing when Owens tells him he sucks. 

The glass then shattered! and 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin had his trademark entrance minus middle fingers, driving to the ring on an ATV. 

Chants for The Texas Rattlesnake quickly filled AT&T Stadium and both men jawed back and forth before Owens revealed his little secret. He hadn't invited Austin on the KO Show to talk. Instead, he invited Stone Cold on because he was looking for a fight and he challenged the WWE Hall Of Famer to a No Holds Barred Match "right here right now." 

Austin sat in his chair in quiet contemplation and Owens' insults continued until Stone Cold interrupted and shouted, "If you want 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin to compete in a match against this sack of s**t give me a hell yeah!"

The fans in AT&T Stadium gave Austin that hell yeah and a referee rang the bell to begin Austin's first match in 19 years.

'Stone Cold' Steve Austin def. Kevin Owens – No Holds Barred Match

Austin began the match by stomping multiple mudholes in Owens while The Texas Rattlesnake repeatedly downed beers. 

Both men then proceeded to fight all over AT&T Stadium from into the crowd to the top of the stage and eventually back into the squared circle, during which Austin took a Suplex on the concrete floor, while Owens took two Suplexes on the stage.

All the while Austin continued to down more and more Steveweisers and he looked to drink one more but Kevin Owens had other ideas as he decked The Texas Rattlesnake with a Stunner.

Austin managed to kick out and Owens tried to follow up with a steel chair shot but Austin ducked, causing the weapon to bounce off the top rope and smash Owens in the face.

Stone Cold took advantage of his staggered opponent and he decked Owens with a Stunner to win his first match in 19 years.

Following the encounter, Austin celebrated in typical fashion with more beers and more stunners with Kevin Owens receiving one more before Byron Saxton ended his evening lying on the beer-soaked mat too. 

And that's the bottom line because Stone Cold said so. 

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