Xavier Woods: Big E Is Killing It As Intercontinental Champion, Like We Knew He Would

"If you're a wrestling fan and you enjoy New Day, you get us on Monday and Friday and we're all champions."

Xavier Woods says he and Kofi Kingston are not surprised by how well Big E has done on Smackdown since The New Day was split in the 2020 WWE Draft. 

Big E heads into WrestleMania 37 as Intercontinental champion, having won the title on Christmas Day from Sami Zayn, and will defend the belt against Apollo Crews.

Woods and Kofi Kingston, meanwhile, continue The New Day's tag-team dominance on Raw and will face AJ Styles and Omos for the Raw Tag Team Championship at 'The Showcase Of the Immortals'. 

Woods knew how well Big E would do as a single competitor and believes The New Day as a faction is still thriving despite being on different WWE brands. 

Speaking to the Wrestle Buddies Podcast, Woods said: "This is stuff Kofi and I already knew about Big E and Big E already knew about himself. It just comes down to people saying, 'you're so lucky.' No, luck is the intersection of opportunity and skill. If you get a chance and you're not ready, you're going to blow it. 'Oh, it's unlucky.' No, you just didn't work hard enough or you have the skill and you can't find the opportunity.

"Big E has been killing it when we were all on the same show and he's continued to kill it, just as we're killing it. Seeing him win the Intercontinental Championship was incredible, it meant the world to me. It was more validation that everything we've been doing is correct. We've been making the right move. I came back and we won the Tag Team Championships. It's been feel goods all the way around.

"I don't think people think about it because we're on separate shows, but all three of us are champions right now. We're a faction and that's important. We're on separate shows dominating our lanes. If you're a wrestling fan and you enjoy New Day, you get us on Monday and Friday and we're all champions. This will be the first time we defend the Tag Team Championships without having a third member there. There's a lot of New Day to be had."

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