Year End Party Rules Match Set For NJPW Road To Tokyo Dome

Who will get drunk first?

The KOPW 2021 Trophy has been defended in several unique stipulation matches throughout the year, including a Creation Of Darkness Blindfold Match, an Amateur Wrestling Match and a New Japan Ranbo With Handcuffs. 

New Japan Pro-Wrestling may have saved their most unique stipulation for the final KOPW 2021 Trophy defence of the year, though. 

The promotion announced on Thursday that Toru Yano will defend the trophy at the Christmas Eve Road To Tokyo Dome show from Korakuen Hall. As the event will be NJPW's final show of the year, Toru Yano will face Yoshinobu Kanemaru in a Year End Party Rules Match.

The rules will see a normal match take place but both wrestlers have to drink an alcoholic beverage every two minutes. After drinking, both Toru Yano and Kanemaru have until the end of the referee's 20-count to respond. If they don't, they will lose the match. Kanemaru and Yano can also win by pinfall, submission or disqualification.

Which drink Kanemaru and Yano will have to consume will be determined by a fan vote from December 17 until December 22. The KOPW 2021 Provisional Champion has selected sake while Kanemaru went for his trademark whiskey. 

NJPW announced the Year End Party Rules Match after Kanemaru hit Toru Yano with a full whiskey bottle during the World Tag League 2021/Best Of Super Juniors 28 Finals on December 15. 

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