Zelina Vega Confirms She Underwent Surgery In 2022

Zelina Vega on her 2022 injury

Zelina Vega underwent surgery in 2022.

The former Queen's Crown Tournament winner was off WWE TV from the April 11 edition of Monday Night Raw until the October 7 episode of Friday Night SmackDown where she was reintroduced as the new manager of Legado del Fantasma. 

It was noted during Zelina's absence that she underwent surgery following an in-ring injury and Vega confirmed that was the case on Anna Faris Is Unqualified, revealing that she suffered a ruptured implant following a Northern Lights Suplex. 

Vega said about her time off TV: 

"I'm used to hearing 'Thea' but as of more recently because I had a surgery in May. So from May to October, I was gone from recovery so I hadn't heard 'Zelina' in a while and now I'm hearing it again. I'm like, okay. 

"Yeah (I was injured in the ring)...And honestly, it never happens off some really cool move or some crazy flip I did outside the ring. It's always the littlest thing that will happen and that's how you get injured but, knock on wood, I actually hadn't had any serious injuries until that point and it wasn't even that bad, it's just silly. 

"But, one of my best friends and I were in a match and she had given me this move called a Northern Lights Suplex where basically, she kind of flips me over her backwards and her shoulder went into my chest and I ruptured an implant. But, me of course looking on the bright side, I was like, well, they are 10 years old anyway and I kind of wanted them bigger anyway so, it ended up working out."

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