Matt Hardy Hints At AEW Character Change

Fans could soon see a new version of The Hardys in AEW

It is hard to keep count of how many different characters and gimmicks that Matt Hardy has portrayed throughout his three year stay in AEW thus far, with the likes of his “Broken” persona, “Big Money Matt”, and his classic Hardy Boyz character all making their presence known. It looks as though fans could soon see yet another version of Hardy at some point soon. 

On the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, he has indicated that a character change could be coming soon. The Hardys, since their AEW reunion, have been fairly typical, happy-go-lucky babyfaces, but Matt Hardy isn’t entirely satisfied with that. 

“Let them go nuts. Let them have fun. If you’re one of those fans online that get mad that all the internet wrestling reporters post stuff and make headlines because we talk about interesting viewpoints, interesting opinions, if you get mad about all that and you don’t like me and you think I’m a pariah, fine. Have it your way. There’s plenty of people that don’t, and those are the people that I am catering to now. 

“Because once again, even at AEW, myself and Jeff, we’ve been very, very nice for a long time. We were willing to give back and give back and give back, but now, we really haven’t been shown the respect that we should have been getting all along, so now we'll stop giving, and we'll start taking. So we're not becoming heel. We are becoming real. You are gonna see the most realistic version of Matt Hardy that you’ve ever seen coming up in the future.”

The timeframe on this isn’t entirely clear, and right now the Hardys aren’t engaged in any high profile storylines in AEW. 

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