The Von Erichs Hold Talks With WWE & AEW

Ross and Marshall believe they are ready to make a step up.

The Von Erichs tag team may soon be signing with one of the two major American professional wrestling organisations.

Speaking on the debut edition of their new The Von Erichs Podcast, brothers Ross and Marshall discussed the possibility of them joining either AEW or WWE. 

Marshall noted that it was 'in the cards' and that they had spoken with 'both companies', but that they couldn't elaborate further. He then spoke about how they were previously offered a WWE tryout, saying: 

"Ross and I, in the beginning, we had an opportunity to go to WWE to do a tryout. We both didn't feel like it was time because once you go, you're showing this is the best of what we have to offer and we didn't feel like we were at our best yet". 

Ross then added how he believes they are now ready for an opportunity: 

"Right now we feel like we're polished and ready and could go wrestle anywhere. I feel like it's coming, it's coming soon and so this is like the calm before the storm. We've been in conversations with both companies and stuff, so we're just seeing where it goes but it feels like the calm before a storm because I've got a feeling it's coming soon. It's coming soon. I'd love to talk on it more but there's some stuff I can't really talk about yet".

The Von Erichs debuted in 2012 and have wrestled primarily for MLW, as well as for Japan's Pro Wrestling NOAH. They made their AEW debuts on the December 15, 2023 episode of Rampage and made another Rampage appearance on February 16. They have also wrestled three matches for Ring of Honor, which is of course owned by AEW CEO Tony Khan. 

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