10 Biggest Winners From The 2017 WWE Superstar Shake-Up

Who benefitted the most from a move last year?


It’s Superstar Shake-Up time in WWE where the deadwood from one brand seek brighter prospects on the other, and a couple of big names who are tearing it up right now are moved to the other side of the divide in the hope some of their HOT STREAK rubs off on their new colleagues.

In this era of separate brands, this is a week that is absolutely necessary to keep things fresh – unless of course WWE did what they did last year and drafted long-time rivals Dean Ambrose and The Miz over to Raw to continue a feud we’d all seen enough of… Let’s hope they don’t do that.

I’ve got to be honest, I set out on this article thinking I’d have plenty to write about a catalogue of Superstars who have seen their stock rise BARE amounts over the past 12 months. In reality, those who shifted brands last year, on the whole, haven’t really enjoyed the most fruitful of times compared to their runs on their respective old shows. Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Kalisto, Heath Slater & Rhyno, Byron Saxton, Primo & Epico, Tamina, Sin Cara and Lana – all people who haven’t made the list btw – were the ones on the move last year and… yeah… they haven’t really done anything, have they?

We’re all about celebrating all that’s good from the world of professional wrestling, so let’s take a look at 10 Superstars who have benefitted the most from last year’s draft.

10. Curt Hawkins


After weeks of vignettes and horrible Chuck Norris-like facts about him, Curt Hawkins’ return to WWE and arrival on SmackDown Live went absolutely nowhere.

I imagine you’re probably sat there now saying ‘Ross, his move to Raw has seen nothing change! Whatcha talkin’ about, sucka?’

Well, I’ve seen your concerns coming a mile off.

When you ask yourself what the longest-running storyline in WWE is today, you’ll be shocked to learn that – now Asuka’s streak is over – it’s Curt Hawkins’ losing streak. I know. Big news.

I concede that it feels like we never see Curt on Raw, and when we do he’s not getting an entrance and losing match after match in less than a couple of minutes, but believe it or not this represents an upturn in the former Edgehead’s fortunes.

He’s gone from not being used at all, to sort of being used and garnering the kind of cult following his good pal Zack Ryder has enjoyed since around 2011. It looks like Hawkins is booked for just about every Raw live event, and what’s more, he even has his own t-shirt that real-life human beings have bought with their own money.

You’re probably sitting there thinking it would be horrible to be Curt Hawkins, but he’s actually got it pretty sweet right now – he’s benefitted from the Superstar Shake-Up so much! He’s gone from nothing to being something.

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