NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis Reveals Why He Hasn't Signed With AEW

During a recent interview with Cultaholic's Ross Tweddell...

Back in August, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis revealed he had turned down an offer from All Elite Wrestling. Despite the rejection, AEW has continued to express its admiration for Aldis, as commentator Jim Ross recently said on Grilling JR that he thinks the young promotion should try and sign The National Treasure again, calling him "a hell of a hand."

During a recent appearance on Straight To Hell with Cultaholic's own Ross Tweddell, Aldis addressed why he has not signed with AEW. He explained that there are only so many top spots in any promotion, and ultimately he wanted to be an integral part of where he worked, which may not have been possible in AEW as "there's already a bunch of top guys."

Aldis said: "There's only so many top spots available in any promotion, any company. Like my whole career, people have been like 'why don’t you go to WWE' or since AEW, 'why don't you go to AEW.' Well, because there's already a bunch of top guys, and so it's a business decision because you can be a top guy in a different promotion and essentially you become kind of vital to the trickle-down economics of the whole place…The same thing can be argued about me and the NWA and really when you're looking at it, all you're really thinking of is what is the benefit? If it's not money then it's probably opponents and matches."

He later added that he was wholly committed to the NWA and felt there was a lot more he could achieve with the promotion before even thinking about leaving. He did admit, however, that he hopes the option to go to AEW is still available should he ever decide to step away from Billy Corgan's promotion.

The National Treasure elaborated: "I think that people got off on the wrong exit when I was talking about not going there (AEW). Like in the sense that they thought that I was trying to sort of throw shade or something. That's not the case at all; I just looked at the landscape at the time and just thought I've sort of started something here with the NWA.

"Cornette said once on one of the shows when he was commentating, the NWA made Nick and Nick made the NWA. There's a real sort of coexistence there and I felt like there was a lot more to achieve still in my current spot. If that changes, then I hope those options are still available, but as of now, I'm really happy doing what I'm doing but I'm also very driven to take the NWA and my position in the NWA to the highest heights I feel like I can take it."

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