10 Best Comedy Tag Teams In WWE History

It's great to see Team Hell No back together on SmackDown Live...

It's hard to predict just how Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas, the so-called "B-Team", will go in their time together as an absurd double act. Their jubilation at even the most mundane victories, and their lack of grace when sharing the stage for promo time, has made the duo a fun part of Raw these days. It's good to see, because Axel and Dallas were once written off as no-hope fodder, existing solely in an underneath capacity. Here's hoping the two continue to make the best of their new lease on life.

The B-Team follows in the footsteps of various other notable "comedy teams" in WWE's long history, two wrestlers known just as much for their humorous output as they are their in-ring performances, and sometimes even more so. This list will take a look at some of the more prolific pairings that fit that label. Some entries are longtime partners, while others were thrown-together duos that struck up a strong rapport with one another, even if their personalities were diametrically opposed.

One thing's for sure: whatever success the B-Team finds as ironic winners with a startling amount of enthusiasm, they have their work cut out for them if they're going to ever make this list.

10. The Miz And Damien Mizdow


Damien Sandow's act of cosplaying as somebody different on a week-to-week basis was getting tiresome, and really felt as if WWE had no other ideas for a performer with such poise. Meanwhile, The Miz was doing fine as a midcarder in the rather flat IC title scene, and their partnership didn't sound like anything worth getting excited about.

But my goodness did it reinvigorate both men. Sandow playing the role of Miz's muted stunt double (more accurately, he was Miz's devoted understudy) was a comic revelation, entertaining crowds with the over-committed pantomime. The absurd lengths that Sandow went to shadow Miz kept the crowd's focus, and Sandow would never be more popular. When Miz took umbrage with Sandow's upstaging him, it seemed as though the chance for a well-executed split angle was on the horizon. WWE may have fumbled that ball, but we'll always have the comic brilliance, at least.

9. Breezango


I have to say, I hate that name. Fusing the names or gimmicks of the two partners into one catch-all label just comes off lazy, and can lack oomph. The Fashion Police is a much more appropriate name for two individuals that parlayed duelling narcissistic characters into a well-received comedy act. It may not be the phenomenon that "Fandangoing" was, but it's close enough.

Fandango and Tyler Breeze surprised many viewers with their parodies of old police procedurals, along with other ironic twists on pop culture entities. The two seem to have hit their ceiling, but there's nothing wrong with being an entertaining midcard act. Fandango and Breeze may have more to offer in their relative youth (perhaps as singles stars), but topping their clever work as sartorial fuzz wouldn't be easy.

8. Los Guerreros


How does one define a comedy team? Certainly watching Eddie and Chavo Guerrero's matches together in 2002-03, you wouldn't necessarily find them to be all that similar to Breezango or Miz and Mizdow. They were more like a lucha libre version of Anderson and Blanchard, fusing a strong wrestling acumen with well-honed cheating and underhandedness.

But where the Guerreros get credit is in their spelled-out transition into a babyface duo in early 2003. Their "lie, cheat, and steal" vignettes were pretty funny stuff ("golf polo", anyone?), and their creative methods of cheating endeared them to crowds, who couldn't help but see the appeal of good guy characters cheating with a pronounced wink. They were more wrestler than comedy act, but their humorous brilliance earns them residence here.

7. The Dirt Sheet Duo


When Johnny Nitro and The Miz were relocated to ECW in 2007, both were in need of a hook. They would each soon find something a bit closer to their calling: Miz's odious reality show star was augmented with a cocksure "ladies man" side that lent a Hollywood flair, while Nitro was reborn as John Morrison, a brooding soul whose sullen musings were straight out of the playbook of his "Lizard King" namesake.

You'd think the two would be oil and water when sloshed together, but instead, their contrasting personalities got each other over. Their weekly WWE.com comedy segment produced some truly inspired bits, from the Paul Bearer seance, to their insulting one-liners ("Nobody wants to be Shannon Moore! *Shannon Moore* doesn't want to be Shannon Moore!"). Both men's personalities bloomed once they had a chance to sharpen their comic chops, and the two found themselves rolling up on bigger things.

6. The New Age Outlaws


What made Road Dogg and 'Badd Ass' Billy Gunn so special was the fact that they were a revelation in a period that needed revelations. Previously existing as goddamn "Double J" Jesse James and Rockabilly, the two go-nowheres reinvented themselves as the Outlaws, and their mission was to step on all of the stupidity around them en route to the top.

As sneering, loudmouthed heels, Dogg and Gunn pandered at least slightly with their South Park t-shirts and catchy spiel (Dogg's silver tongue was put to better use than just warbling country music). But it was the parodying of their nemeses like the Legion of Doom, Los Boricuas, or The Godwinns that set them apart. Here were two guys bluntly telling you that Hawk and Animal were old fossils, or that the Godwinns had a dead end gimmick. People took notice of Dogg and Gunn's caustic jibes, because they broke from the norm, challenging the establishment that they earned their paychecks from. Their insubordination made you laugh while saying, "Goddamnit, they're right."

5. Team Hell No


It first, it seemed like a dead end - Daniel Bryan, in the role of ineffective hothead, being forced to go to anger management instead of simply kicking ass as a valiant junior-heavyweight warrior. When Kane joined the sessions (complete with sticky name tag on his costume), things started looking up - especially when he calmly recited all of the criminal activity and psychopathic violence that had previously timelined his life. It may have been the funniest moment on WWE television in years.

Kane and Bryan's wonky, unusual friendship was borne of their graduating the program, and initially resisting the crowd's urges to hug it out before finally caving in. Both men's complete lack of self-awareness in the team is what made it work, as well as the total loss of inhibition. It could have been an embarrassingly-dumb concept with two other guys in the roles, but Bryan and Kane made it work. And for many who loathed Bryan going down this path originally, the team's success was a pleasant surprise.

4. Booker T And Goldust


BookDust? Black Gold? Different shorthands were applied by fans to one of the more unlikely duos in WWE history, but it's not like the two veteran Texans needed a specific banner. Any name would've been secondary to their hilarious interplay on weekly episodes of Raw, as well as pay per views.

Booker's exasperation with Goldust's absurd attempts at winning him over carried a lot of those 2002 Raws, while skits like their Scorpion King review ("AND I GOT A SWORD, TOO!") and the lumberjack costume reveal won over a metric ton of fans. Ultimately, the two went on to have a solid run as a legit tag team, milking hot tags and keeping crowds invested with gallant efforts, but most people tend to remember their comedic chemistry most. And with bits like those mentioned, why wouldn't they?

3. The Rock 'N' Sock Connection


They don't necessarily have the longevity of the top two entries on this list, but what The Rock and Mankind accomplished together two decades ago still stands the test of time. Most will cite the "This Is Your Life, Rock" segment from September 1999 as the high mark for the two WWE megastars, but there was more to it than just one highly-rated TV segment.

The ways in which Rock and Foley fed off of each other, with Rock in his own stoic zone while Foley played it more humbly docile, made for captivating TV, even if the gag wasn't necessarily the strongest possible. Rock and Mankind had the charisma, timing, and instincts to make even a half-baked idea work. Had they spent maybe another year or so together (or at least teaming off and on), they'd have taken number one on this list, no question.

2. Edge And Christian


You know, it's practically appalling that these two had to spend a chunk of their WWE tenures as tormented mutes in what amounted to a Lost Boys cover group. Once the brothers from different mothers (who happen to share a Grandma Edna) were allowed to fill the airspace with dude-tacular energy and catchy nonsense words, their collective (and respective) potential was starting to be realized.

From five-second poses, to zany costumes, to delivering wacky dialogue in a fashion that was uniquely them, Edge and Christian made a rather indelible mark that yellowed their time in The Brood and The Ministry of Darkness in quite a hurry. Really, any tandem that can coin the phrase, "Genital warts rule!" without breaking down into howls of laughter is quite good at what they do. Truly, they reeked of awesomeness.

1. The New Day


What was just said about Edge and Christian all but burying their silent gothic personas in a roadside ditch can apply somewhat to The New Day. We've almost forgotten those early New Day vignettes, with the church choir and the peppy personas, espousing positivity with no semblance of irony whatsoever. We hated The New Day, we all did. Even The New Day's families hated the sugary-sweet version of New Day.

But goddamned if they didn't turn it all around. Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods ratcheted up the smarmy insincerity, becoming so over the top with their antics as irritating heels that they swung all the way back around to being the best (and easily the funniest) part of the shows they were on. For all three men, The New Day's new creative lease elevated them into pop culture lore. And their shared chemistry, how they feed off of each other through sight gags and lightning-quick repartee, is almost unmatched. The pancakes are kind of inane, but almost everything else is a bullseye.

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