10 Overlooked WWE Survivor Series Classics

Remember when matches used to have stakes? Man, what a time...

So tonight is Survivor Series then, is it? 

While it's patently obvious that WWE simply don't care anymore, lazily putting together a card with very little imagination and matches with few stakes, there's at least hope that matches like Roman Reigns vs. Big E and Charlotte Flair vs. Becky Lynch will at least make the show a worthwhile watch. 

Those are the two main matches with big expectations but, hell, one of the arbitrary undercard matches could surprise us, too, with a couple of them looking like potential show-stealers. 

It's happened at Survivor Series before. The event has a long and illustrious history and, as one of the original 'big four' pay-per-views, has routinely been the host of monumental matches and moments. 

The best ones are well-worn, but the following 10 may have dipped under the radar for one reason or another. 

Get hyped (as best you can anyway) for this year's edition with these overlooked bangers. 

10. Team Umaga Vs. Team Triple H (2007)

Survivor series 2007

Even though BRAND SUPREMACY wasn't at the forefront of the handicap four-on-five Survivor Series elimination tag match, the interbrand Team Triple H versus Team Umaga battle was very good indeed. 

Joining The Game was Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy and Kane, while the Samoan Bulldozer partnered with MVP, Big Daddy V, Mr. Kennedy and Finlay. Matt Hardy was missing for the babyfaces due to a (kayfabe) injury. 

That's quite the odd but complimentary collection of talent and it threw up some interesting matchups. 

Chief among them was Mysterio against Umaga, their sequences providing a great teaser for an eventual singles bout that, sadly, never came. Everyone played their role well and 22-minutes never dragged, with Finlay in particular playing ring general and holding things together nicely. 

The only elimination tag on the show was won by the good guys, with Triple H and Jeff Hardy surviving against the odds, the Charismatic Enigma last eliminating Umaga as his push towards superstardom continued. 

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