Jon Moxley's Sex Advice For Married Men & Bruce Pritchard Can't Keep Up With John Cena: Ten Things You May Have Missed In Wrestling In November 2021

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So that's November in the bag then. 

Not long until Christmas now, is it? I wonder what WWE will do to celebrate...

Perhaps they'll sign a new lucrative endorsement deal? Maybe Vince McMahon will pen a storyline around the disappearance of a mysterious egg? 

Nah, that'd be ridiculous

In all seriousness, this month's Survivor Series was a bit of a dud, wasn't it? Completely overshadowed by AEW Full Gear the week before, it was hard to get into such a pointless show that had been built up so shoddily. 

It's also hard to have any sort of good feeling towards WWE these days, given the rate at which they are cutting decent, hardworking talent without remorse, as they did again in November. 

Ah well, at least our favourite Anxious Millennial Cowboy finally won the big one.

It was a busy month for big (and usually quite depressing) wrestling news, but as always some things may have flown under the radar and avoided the headlines. 

Enjoy the following collection of stories, opinions and typical 'wrestlers talking bollocks'. 

10. The Next Big Pitch

Beth phoenix locker room

Typically, when someone comes in to do 'extra work' for WWE, they just try and blend into the background and hope that someone like Bob Holly doesn't get mad at them for sitting in their chair in the locker room. 

The trick is to go in, act professional, do the job as asked and, hopefully, if you make a good first impression they'll ask you back again somewhere down the line. 

Before signing an official contract with WWE, Beth Phoenix did some extra work and apparently didn't get the memo about keeping her mouth shut and eyes open (and making sure you don't sit in Bob Holly's chair). 

This month the Glamazon tweeted out that during one of her first extra gigs she pitched a detailed storyline to WWE writer Michael Hayes that would see her be brought in as Brock Lesnar's sister. 

Beth admitted at the end of the tweet that she had 'zero chill', but fair play to her for being so gung-ho and trying to get her foot in the door. 

I bet Brock would have had a whale of a time acting in skits with his storyline sibling, too. I'm sure he would have loved that.

Beth pheonix brock tweet

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