10 Times WWE Superstars Moonlighted As Other WWE Superstars

Those times our favourite Superstars dressed up as their colleagues...

WWE Superstars are really possessive people so whatever you do, please do not go around asking them for a Wine Gum from their packet because they won't be giving you one. Those wine gums belong to them and nobody else, OK?!

It's almost become one of those unwritten rules over the past few decades that when a Superstar dresses up as another, the Superstar being imitated MUST lose their bananas. It's a weird thing to see fully grown adults throwing their respective toys out of the pram at the sight of their work pals stealing their schtick. Us normal folks would just laugh and brush it off, wouldn't we? It must be one of those Vince McMahon things we keep hearing about. We can only assume that Vince McMahon is a really possessive man so, in turn, his Superstars have to be as well.

I can't imagine Vince McMahon sharing anything come to think of it, as sharing is probably a sign of weakness...

Psychological warfare - that's what we're calling this (seriously) - isn't the only reason WWE Superstars dress up as their colleagues, but it appears that the source of any fancy dress stems from either conflict or just being a bit weird. Here are 10 instances when WWE Superstars moonlighted as other WWE Superstars...

10. DX As Vince McMahon & The Best In The World, Shane McMahon


Well this was a hoot, wasn't it?

Following Shawn Michaels' victory over Vince McMahon at WrestleMania 22, HBK and Triple H started pointing towards their dicks again as a DX reunion became an increasing certainty. The Spirit Squad then took on HHH in a gauntlet match, with a post-bout beatdown bringing out Shawn to save his stricken pal.

At this time, The Spirit Squad were aligned with Vince McMahon and his b*tch, Jonathan Coachman, so as well as pranking those male cheerleaders, DX also set their sights on making fun of their boss.

All those pranks led to this unforgettable segment on Raw in June of 2006, where Hunter played his father-in-law, and Shawn The Best In The World, Shane McMahon. Fake Vince talked about his love of dicks, fake Shane danced around, Stand Back was played while the pair danced along in the ring - what wasn't there to love about this segment?

In the end, The Spirit Squad, Vince, and The Best In The World came out to confront DX, but ended up with a shower of faecal matter being poured on them from the rafters above.

9. The Miz & Maryse As John Cena & Nikki Bella


The Miz really likes dressing up as his fellow WWE Superstars. Off the top of my head as I'm sat here typing right now, we could also have had his exploits as Fandango, John Cena again (without Maryse/Nikki Bella), or The Rock as part of this list, but we're going with his second time as the Leader of the Cenation here because it was the absolute best.

A couple of inadvertent backstage altercations between Nikki and Maryse, plus some shenanigans in a number one contender's battle royal on SmackDown, set us on the road to a mixed tag match at WrestleMania 33. However, in the weeks before The Showcase of The Immortals, Miz and Maryse ramped up the feud by dressing up as their foes and putting together a supposed "lost" episode of Total Bellas, otherwise known as Total Bellas Bull S***. 

Their impressions were absolutely magical, quite frankly, and are something you really need to see with your own eyes if you haven't already. The Miz's John Cena pose and walk especially encapsulates everything that is good about life.

8. Edge As Ric Flair


Back in November 2005, Ric Flair was charged with injury to personal property, assault and battery after a road rage incident. A 29-year-old driver said Flair grabbed him by the neck and dented his SUV when The Nature Boy kicked the side of it.

So, of course, an injured Edge, who started to poke fun at The Nature Boy on his talk show The Cutting Edge, had to reference the road rage incident - which he did, robe and all.

In the skit, Edge Flair is driving along as is cut off by an unassuming driver played by TNA's Robbie E no less, forcing Edge Flair to pull him over, berate him, drag him out of his vehicle, and apply a Figure-Four Leg Lock in the middle of the road.

Oh, and Edge did all of this while wearing nothing under his robe but a pair of briefs, socks and shoes. It's one hell of a skit, it really is.

7. Rated RKO As DX


Edge was in the midst of his 'final chance' at John Cena's WWE Championship when DX interfered and cost the Rated R Superstar the match. Edge then approached Randy Orton about seeing Shawn and Hunter away from WWE, resulting in Rated RKO being born.

Fast forward a short time to an episode of Raw in October 2006, and DX were set to make a "huge announcement." While Lillian Garcia was trying to introduce a match, DX's music hit and out came Randy and Edge dressed as Shawn and Hunter respectively.

The Viper was selling his back, The Game was choking on his water - Rated RKO hit all the right notes in a performance that mocked all that was bad about DX. They then pointed out the fact that they don't need to mock others to forward their careers, and the only people who get anything out of WWE Superstars dressing up as others is "12-year-olds and a bunch of idiots like you!"

6. Kurt Angle As John Cena


"Yo yo yo, kill the beat. Ay, listen up yo, because I got somethin' to say.

"Kurt Angle, you think you beat me last week in that battle rap, well I'm John Cena and I don't take that crap.

"Yo listen up, people. I hear y'all chants, I hear y'all catcalls, and yes it's true, I'm obsessed with other men's balls. Word.

"Kurt Angle, at No Mercy you ain't got no chaaaance, 'cause I'm gonna beat you up and then do my daaaance. (insert crotch-grabbing dance with "can you feel that Angle" uncomfortably inserted halfway through.)

"Word Life.

"I got more rhymes than old King Tut, so Angle, get out here, so I can kick your... get it. I rhymed butt with Tut and then I put the microphone in the air so you people could... oh you people feel me, that's right, I'm John Cena and I'm a bad son of a b*tch!"

And then out came a little person dressed as Angle who the Olympic gold medalist berated for being "half the man that I am."

Enough said really.

5. Chris Jericho As Doink The Clown


Heading into WrestleMania X-Seven, Chris Jericho and William Regal were embroiled in a rivalry for the Intercontinental Championship. During a match on Raw where the Brit was taking on Crash Holly, a rogue Doink The Clown appeared from the crowd and attacked Regal just as Mr. 24/7 was tapping out to the Regal Stretch.

Needless to say, the match was thrown out just as Regal should have been awarded the 'W', as Y2J continued with some mind games ahead of their curtain-jerking meeting at 'Mania. The reason for Jericho dressing up as Doink remains unknown to this day, but you can be sure it was linked to some last minute promotion for the Gimmick Battle Royal, or Ass Clowns.

I guess you could say the ambush worked, as Jericho would walk out with his Intercontinental Championship reign intact on the Grandest Stage of them All (point).

4. Tyler Breeze As Nikki Bella


The occasion was a random SmackDown Live in the build-up to WrestleMania 33, the match was Fandango vs. John Cena. Oh my goodness, Breezy Bella came out to play, and then some.

We knew something was up when Fandango emerged from the entrance way when Tyler Breeze normally would have. As the camera panned up and back, my goodness we got an eyeful.

Out came Tyler dressed in the 'leave nothing to the imagination' ensemble you can see above, playing the role like any aspiring Nikki Bella would. He did all the moves. ALL. THE MOVES. His hips don't lie, of that much we can be sure.

As for the match, The Fashion Police handed out tickets to Cena for wearing jorts in 2017, for being a lousy boyfriend, and for being a lousy wrestler, as Breezy was billed, rather humorously, as Dango's "muscle" and "heater" - Nikki Diesel, essentially.

3. The Big Show As Hulk Hogan


I know you're probably saying "but Ross, Hulk Hogan wasn't a WWE Superstar in 2000!" Well, we could have had Val Venis or Rikishi in here, but to be honest, Show's impersonation of The Hulkster ranks head and shoulders above the rest of his back catalogue, so that's why we're covering it here.

Honestly, close your eyes while Big Show is doing his Showster schtick and you'd think the real Hulk Hogan is stood infront of you, speaking with a mouth full of hot dogs.

Back in 2000, Kurt Angle attempted to get Show to remove his rather large finger from his presumably large anus in a storyline that had to have some resemblance to real life goings on behind the curtain. The Olympic gold medalist and giant were scheduled to have a shot at the WWF Tag Team Championships, only the seven-footer wasn't taking things all that seriously as he came out dressed as a Scotsman.

Over the next little while, we'd see Big Show dress up as the Superstars mentioned above as he wanted to go all 'Hollywood' and prove he was as entertaining as the best around. Fast forward to Backlash, and that's where The Showster came out to play, smashing Angle to smitherines in a match that lasted as long as one in Hogan's pomp back in the 1980s.

2. The New Day As The Wyatt Family


The New Day/Wyatt Family feud was contested between some unicorns and sheep - only those unicorns became the sheep for one night only back in June 2016.

With Kofi as a 'unicorned' Erick Rowan, Xavier as a persistently "YEAH-ing" Luke Harper, and Big E as Bray Wyatt... (?), the-then tag team champions dressed up as their foes while conducting a good old roasting.

The subject of that roasting was The Wyatt's hygiene, with Big E Wyatt claiming they smelled like some smelly cabbages. It was all going well until Bray, Braun and Erick came out to put an end to the roasting, stating the Power of Positivity wasn't real because men lose their jobs and stuff.

It was fun while it lasted.

1. DX As The Nation


There could only be one moonlighting at number one, couldn't there? You know how this one goes.

Jason Sensation as Owen Hart is perhaps the single best example of gimmick stealing we've ever seen in WWE, although it's got to be said that Triple H as The Crock, Road Dogg as D'Lo Brown, and Billy Gunn as The Godfather also knocked it out of the park.

The less said about X-Pac, in the centre of shot here, the better.

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