10 Worst WCW Matches In History

The 10 worst WCW matches ever

Very few promotions produced terrible pro wrestling like WCW. 

Obviously, World Championship Wrestling gave us a lot of good stuff, too, but when it came to really messing the bed when the lights were on bright, WCW routinely proved that no matter how much money it had at its disposal or how vast and talented its roster was, bell-to-bell things could easily fall apart at the drop of a leg, brother. 

Amazingly, much of the absolute worst that WCW had to offer took place for major titles and in pay-per-view main events. One match not included on this list, though, is the Fingerpoke of Doom

These are the 10 Worst WCW Matches in history. 

10. Scott Steiner vs. Sid Vicious vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Road Warrior Animal - Sin

Sid broken leg wcw sin

Forever known as the match where Sid suffered his horrendous – and, for all intents and purposes, career-ending – leg injury, it’s worth remembering that this four-corners World Heavyweight Title scrap was resembling an omelette made with a chainsaw before the Millennium Man’s sickening snap. 

Steiner was defending in a match that started as a triple threat between him, Sid and Jarrett, with the promise of the ‘mystery man’ being revealed later on. 

The action was poor, psychology all over the place and the mystery reveal was ruined because Sid was lying in the ring with his leg broken after attempting a second-rope big boot. 

After that, everyone involved was just killing precious pay-per-view time and hoping to get through the thing. As far as surprises go, Road Warrior Animal was a pretty lame one too, especially when WCW were bigging it up as being on the level of Steve Austin or The Rock.

Animal could also do nothing but deliver one hit to Sid – who clearly needed some medical attention by this point – allowing the Genetic Freak to retain. 

For a major show main event, this was almost inexcusable. Yes, the injury messed things up, but it wasn’t exactly going great before that and it’s quite impressive just how much nonsense they managed to pack into such a short period of time.

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