2point0 Discuss How Move To AEW Came About

The team was released by WWE over the summer

Matt Lee and Jeff Parker have discussed how their move to All Elite Wrestling came about. 

As Ever-Rise, the duo were starting to gain traction in WWE NXT before their surprising release in late June, with the tag team being quickly picked up by AEW once their 30-day non-compete clause expired.

The duo, now known as 2point0, have opened up on how the move came about.

Speaking on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Parker said: "Getting to AEW started by getting fired from WWE. That was a big first step. That was the first domino to fall. [Laughs]. That was terrifying time because Matt just had a child so his wife was expecting at the time."

Lee added: "We were seven weeks out when we got let go. I gotta figure out how to make a living, there's immigration issues because we're Canadian. Are we gonna have to move back? We obviously don't want to move back. I want this kid to be American, give him some options."

Parker continued: "We have been here for the better part of three years so we've set down roots. We don't necessarily go back home permanently, especially moving back to Canada as far as wrestling goes, your options are substantially limited, especially during the pandemic. That was the biggest part of 'what do we do? how do we figure out that?' 

"The first leg after being fired was figuring out that part more so than what are we going to do as far as wrestling goes. That had to be secondary because we couldn't do anything until that was figured out. Luckily for us, we know a lot of people in AEW. You make a lot of friends, put in a couple of calls like, 'Hey guys, look, if there's anything you can do for us,' some people think that if you have a friend, they'll get you a job. Doesn't work like that.

"At the most, you get an opportunity or put a good word in. That's kind of the trajectory that it was. 'Oh, maybe we'll get you for Dark,' Yeah, no problem. As long as we could get a foot in the door and try and see if we can work something out. That was the first progression and then we went to talking. We get a call being like, 'Tony has an idea for you on Dynamite.' Out of nowhere."

Lee then said: "I get a call from Chris Harrington on a Saturday night at 10pm and he goes, 'So, we're going to bring you in on Tuesday.' What? What is happening here? We get another call where Jeff ended up speaking to him where he says, 'I think Tony has an idea for you guys for Dynamite.' We're like, 'What is happening?' It happened so fast."

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