Pat McAfee: I Enjoy The Hell Out Of Being Produced By Vince McMahon On WWE SmackDown

McAfee joined WWE SmackDown in April

Pat McAfee has opened up on having the voice of Vince McMahon in his ear while commentating on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

McAfee has been the analyst on SmackDown since April and says he enjoys being able to hear McMahon during the show, and says he is also relishing working with Bruce Pritchard and Kevin Dunn.

McAfee also loves when he is able to get a roaring laugh out of the WWE Chairman.

During a recent episode of The Pat McAfee Show, McAfee said: "The internet says a lot of things about a lot of people who’ve probably been around WWE for like 30, 40 years. I guess there’s a lot of pent-up potential stories and happenings that could go through there. They’ve been all very nice to me, and I’m very thankful.

"Other people probably experienced something different. I’m just gonna tell you — Bruce Prichard is f**king awesome. Kevin Dunn, also awesome he’s in my ear every single show, and by the way, Vince McMahon in my ear? Awesome!

"I don’t ever see him in real life anymore. I just hear him *does a Vince laugh impression.* That’s when I know I’ve really done it, like when I almost got my head ripped off. You know at the end of [SmackDown,] because that thing is clipped to my sport coat and it was wrapped around his foot, so I mean it was like dragging me a little bit I’m like ‘Well I’m not gonna deal with this at all,’ and I go running and I put the other one on as soon as I put the headset back on there is a pretty good [Vince laugh] in my ear.

"There’s other things where sometimes I feel like he is in a groove where he’ll just ask me a question in the middle of the show, and he wants me to answer it live, obviously. Then sometimes Cole will be in the middle of something or even a wrestler will be speaking, and he’s like, ‘Cut them off!’ and I want to tell Cole, I think there’s something much better that could be separate. It’s coming from a voice inside of my brain right now, though. I want to let you know it’s awesome. It is amazing. I enjoy the hell out of it."

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