5 Best 'Odd Couple' Tag Teams In Pro Wrestling History

Who are WWE NXT's BroserWeights following in the footsteps of?

Although Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne are currently separated due to ongoing restrictions, the reigning NXT Tag Team champions are bound to be reunited sooner or later, where their mismatched personalities can once more enthral their fanbase. In WWE's grand tradition of "wacky mismatched partners who manage to succeed in spite of their obvious differences", we can never go too long without employing that trope. Thus, it's cosmic destiny that Riddle and Dunne will get back together before long.

It's hardly an exaggeration to say that the WWE tome of history is filled with one example after another of oil and water being drawn together in the form of an unexpected tag team. Usually (but not always), one member of the team is charming and comical but lacks self-awareness, while the partner, playing it straight, tends to be repulsed by the boorishness of his teammate. And yet, they manage to get on the same page long enough to collectively kick ass.

As we wait for The BroserWeights to find each other once more, let's look at the best mismatched duos in wrestling history.

5. Cactus Jack & Mikey Whipwreck

Cactus jack whipwreck

A non-WWE entry that managed to hit the comedic zeitgeist, Jack needed a substitute for absent partner Terry Funk in ECW in 1994, and insisted that perpetual loser and pessimist Whipwreck (who he practically dragged kicking and screaming up the aisle) have his back.

Whipwreck dipped in and out of "Cactus, my mom says if I win any more belts, I'm gonna be grounded!", and giving it his all in wild brawls. The glue of the team was Mick Foley's semi-oblivious optimism and cheerfulness, which Whipwreck always responded to with a fearful wince.

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