5 Most Unlikely Members Of The Four Horsemen

The group wasn't always a "symbol of excellence"...

There seem to be rumblings of a Four Horsemen-like faction coming to All Elite Wrestling, with a few puzzle pieces scattered in the vicinity of one another. FTR seem like a safe bet to be part of the foundation as the modern day Arn and Tully, while a heel-leaning Cody Rhodes makes sense as Naitch 2020 (even if he *is* a Rhodes). Hangman Page is a viable choice for a Barry Windham stand-in (for both technique and his rustic background), while the icy, sadistic Shawn Spears could also fill out that role. Tully, meanwhile, is a safe bet to inherit the JJ Dillon adviser gig.

That's the thing about the classic Horsemen - the best incarnations were the ones in which the members made sense. When one names the ideal incarnation, an all-time "dream team," Flair and Arn are always in there (they have to be), and 95 per cent of folks would also pick Tully. As for the fourth spot, people are bound to name either Ole Anderson, Barry Windham, Lex Luger, or even a latter day enforcer like Chris Benoit, to round out the group.

But all not all Horsemen are created equal, and these five individuals (talented as they might be) prove this.

5. Steve "Mongo" McMichael

Mongo pepe

While the charming "What Will Mongo Do Next?" Twitter account has brought out lots of love for the NFL icon's earnest attempts at wrestling, let's be fair here: Mongo was an odd choice for a Horseman. His inclusion is as mystifying today as it was in 1996.

Mongo hadn't even finished wrestling his first-ever match at that year's Great American Bash when he was permitted to saddle up as part of Flair's gallery of leathernecks. McMichael didn't fit the Horsemen motif all that much, but he still managed to entertain, however ironically.

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