5 Wrestlers Who Were Blinded In Storyline

Seth Rollins or Rey Mysterio will not be the first come 'The Horror Show' at WWE Extreme Rules...

On Sunday night, July 19, one wrestler is going to lose an eye. No, really, when Rey Mysterio battles Seth Rollins in the first-ever "Eye for an Eye" match at Extreme Rules, the match can only end when somebody plucks one peeper out of the noggin of the other. I guess most of the intrigue is rooted in how this extraction would take place. Knife? Ice cream scoop? Industrial-strength vacuum cleaner hose? The mind reels at the possibilities.

While the idea of literally gouging out a wrestler's eyeball skedaddles well over the line separating palatable absurdity and full-blown cartoonish super-absurdity, blindings in wrestling have a somewhat rich history. What better way to render your enemy helpless than to rob them of one of their most important senses? That way, you either run them off for good, or, if they *are* gritty enough to valiantly fight back, you can take advantage of their handicap in the grudge match.

While we wait to see who loses an eye on Sunday, let's see some of those who (for a little while anyway) lost their sight.

5. Jon Moxley

A former Shield member and former WCW Cruiserweight marvel have a feud that includes a badly-gouged eye, where have I seen that before? Probably when AEW did it earlier this year, after Chris Jericho used a jacket-adorning spike to skewer the ocular organ of Jon Moxley.

As a result, Moxley continued his unabated quest to win Jericho's AEW World title, but had to do so with an eye patch that made him look like Snake Plissken. Bonus sub-entry for Santana, who Moxley went "eye for an eye" on as a message to Inner Circle boss Jericho.

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