5 WWE Superstars With The Most WrestleMania Matches

The Undertaker has more WrestleMania *wins* than anybody else has even had WrestleMania *matches*...

Many of us have the time at this point to sit back and binge watch the previous 35 WrestleManias end-to-end if we truly feel inclined. And why not? We may as well brighten this sadly-distorted WrestleMania season as best we can, and one good way to do that is with a quaint trip down memory lane. 

From 1985 to the present day, WrestleMania, in whatever form, has imprinted itself into the landscape with tremendous depth.

In looking back at Manias of old, many familiar faces come into view, some of them on a near endless loop. You probably have a fairly good idea of who the true veterans of WrestleMania are, the ones with the deepest portfolios of matches. And while you may have a pretty good idea of who those veterans might be, we're going to definitively state who the top five actually are, in terms of matches wrestled.

So without further ado, here are the five wrestlers who have wrestled the most matches in WrestleMania history. Were they who you thought they'd be?

5. Randy Orton (15 Matches, 6-9)

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Technically, Big Show is tied for fifth place with 15 matches at the event as well, but since Orton will be wrestling on this year's event and Show isn't scheduled, we'll go with the presumptive tie-breaker.

Orton began his WrestleMania run in 2004 with a pinfall over Mick Foley in a star-studded Handicap Match, and two of his five other wins came in world title matches. He also has the distinction of competing in four different Triple Threats, as well as one Fatal 4-Way, which is...something.

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