Adam Cole Can See Five Years Worth Of Matches For Himself In AEW

Cole became ‘All Elite’ back at All Out in September

Adam Cole defecting from WWE NXT to AEW was one of the biggest moments of the year, and despite a strong start to life in AEW, Adam Cole has barely scratched the surface in terms of matches or opponents.

Luckily, Cole himself believes he has at least five years worth of matches and stories to be involved with in AEW, saying during a panel at the C2E2 convention in Chicago:

"It's a very similar story to everybody else, but I'm absolutely having the time of my life in AEW," said Adam Cole. "I look back at my debut here in Chicago as the greatest night of my wrestling career strictly because so many awesome moments for me watching as a fan were watching really big returns or exciting surprises. So to be able to say that in my career, I got to be involved in one of those things was really really cool. That's just on that night alone. But aside from that fact, I mean, just looking objectively, there's like five years' worth of stuff for me and the rest of this roster to be able to do because the roster is so stacked right now. The different options and different choices are different matches and ways we could go just have to be excited so I know if I'm really excited about it and our roster's really excited about it. I know you the fans are excited about it, too.”

Another big AEW signing CM Punk was also on the panel, and later eschewed similar sentiments to Cole:

"As far as me, I think that's one of the reasons I came to AEW because there's intriguing matchups. There were seven years I was gone and in those seven years, the people that rose up through indies, Ring of Honor, New Japan, whatever. Those are the intriguing matchups to me so it's Young Bucks, it's Kenny Omega, there's so many guys though, you know in AEW that I've never wrestled. There's a few that I have a history with that I will eventually get back to, like Bryan Danielson, but it's a big reason why I came back. Those interesting matchups. Those never before, you know, in the ring things like me and MJF and you know, eventually. I'll see you soon, Hangman, I'm sure. Adam Cole, I'm sure I'll see you soon, too. That's why I'm here.”

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