Khabib Nurmagomedov: WWE Want To Pay Hasbulla 'Big Money' To Get In The Ring

Could WWE work with the Tik Tok star?

Khabib Nurmagomedov has claimed that WWE want to pay Hasbulla a lot of money to step inside the wrestling ring.

Hasbulla, who has a genetic disorder that gives him childlike characteristics, has become one of the most popular individuals on social media and is a celebrity in Makhaachkala, Russia.

Hasbulla has become close friends with former UFC Lightweight Champion Nurmagomedov, who claims that a host of sporting promotions and big brands want to work with him. 

Nurmagomedov made a point of noting WWE are especially keen on working with Hasbulla in the future.

Speaking to Red Corner MMA, he said: ""We talk about all this stuff with Hasbulla. He has to go to the US. In the US, he is very popular. All the big celebrities and stars and promotions like WWE, NBA, hockey, American football, UFC, all these sports he is very popular. They all know him.

"He has to move for a couple years to the US and become maybe a billionaire. At a minimum, a millionaire. He needs to make a visa and go to USA.

"The WWE, wrestling, also wants him to come to them somehow. They want to pay him some big money to get him into the ring. He’s immensely popular abroad."

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