Adam Cole Claims Bobby Fish Organised Kyle O'Reilly's Surprise AEW Debut

O'Reilly debuted on AEW Dynamite last week

Adam Cole has claimed Bobby Fish was the man responsible for bringing Kyle O'Reilly into All Elite Wrestling.

O'Reilly made his shock AEW debut last week, joining forces with former NXT Undisputed Era teammates Cole and Fish just two weeks after departing WWE.

O'Reilly and Cole spent much of 2021 feuding with each other on WWE NXT television, and The Young Bucks were notably skeptical about O'Reilly aligning himself with the group on the December 22 AEW Dynamite.

Cole has now explained to Matt and Nick Jackson that he too was also concerned, given his history with O'Reilly, but says Fish was able to convince the trio to make it work.

With the Young Bucks also with them, Cole believes the five will form a supergroup in AEW.

Speaking on the December 27 episode of BTE, Cole said to the Bucks: "Can you believe it? You and myself, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly, all standing together in the same ring.

"I knew you're probably worried about this because I was too. You know, Bobby's the one who set this up. Bobby was the one who convinced Kyle to come here. I know me and Kyle have a lot of things... a lot of things that we have to settle, but we're so dangerous together as a trio and think about this, Now we are a supergroup because The Young Bucks are also involved.

"AEW doesn't know what hit them, AEW is screwed because on top of how great we are, no one's gonna be able to stop us. The ultimate group. So once again, Merry Christmas, guys. You've got to be elated. I know I am."

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