Adam Cole Reveals The Hardest Part About Leaving WWE And Joining AEW

No more DaParty for Adam Cole

Adam Cole has admitted the hardest aspect of leaving WWE and joining WWE was no longer being allowed to appear as part of DaParty.

DaParty is an online group made up of wrestlers Xavier Woods, Cesaro, Tyler Breeze and, now formerly, Adam Cole in which they play video games online with each other to an audience on Woods' YouTube channel UpUpDownDown.

Having left WWE to join All Elite Wrestling earlier this month, Cole can no longer appear on the show, something he described as being the toughest part of his decision. 

Speaking in a recent interview with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Cole said: "That was probably the hardest part of the decision I think. 

"I really formed a close bond with Woods and Swiss (Cesaro) and Breeze over the pandemic. The backstory of that is so funny too, because Claudio and Breeze and Creed all wanted to start producing more content since the pandemic started. And they were like ‘I think we want to start playing Uno, we need a fourth guy.’

"I didn’t know this, but when I did the first episode, I was kind of on trial. That was my audition and I didn’t know that.  I was like ‘alright, I’ll do it’, and they all knew immediately ‘oh my god, this is our four man crew.'

"I talk to those guys every single day. We have a group chat and we talk every single day. So that makes me feel better, because it feels like I haven’t lost that connection with those guys.

"I wish so badly there was a way for us to still do stuff together, I really do. But I did say it’s not goodbye, it’s just see you later. So it doesn’t mean it’s done forever."

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