Adam Copeland Reveals Original Plans For Judgment Day

Judgment Day original plans revealed by Adam Copeland

After more than nine years away from the ring, Edge returned to WWE in 2020 at the Royal Rumble, but it wouldn’t be too long until the ‘Rated R Superstar’ turned his back on the fans and turned heel, forming The Judgment Day in early 2022.

Edge wasn’t long for the group, turning face for one last run before exiting WWE. During a conversation with Chris Jericho on Talk is Jericho, the new AEW hire - now known as Adam Copeland - opened up on the original plan for the group:

“It was odd (working at WWE when Vince McMahon resigned as CEO in 2022), because that’s all I knew there, right? And even just in terms of me coming in and out, I missed a lot of things. So I’d come back and go, ‘Oh! This is happening now. Got it. Right’ and just trying to wrap my mind around that because when we were doing Judgment Day, the plan was (Finn) Bálor joins and then about a year later, they all turn on me. Well then I get to Hell in a Cell and it’s like, ‘no, we’re changing everything and we’re speeding up that year-long process and he’s joining tomorrow and turning tomorrow’. It wasn’t long and it was just starting to find some legs, but it was gonna be swimming upstream with me in it. It really was and I started to have that realisation. It’s like, I don’t think they’re gonna get where they need to get to with me in this thing,” said Copeland.

Copeland continued, noting how a lack of active babyfaces at the time helped necessitate a face turn:

“Again, Randy (Orton) got hurt, Cody (Rhodes) got hurt so he’s like, ‘We gotta flip ya.’ It was like, okay, I’m a utility batter. So wherever you need me, that’s where I go and again, Dom (Mysterio), all of that, it all took off and it was great and then to have Rey and I to work with. So, in order to solidify being a heel, we’re two good babyfaces for it,” said Copeland.

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