Adam Page Returns To AEW With An Eyepatch

"Hangman" Adam Page wore an eyepatch during AEW return

Adam Page hasn’t been seen on AEW programming for around two months following a brutal attack from the Blackpool Combat Club in which he was struck in the face with a screwdriver. Over this weekend, he made a comeback. 

After it was announced that Page would be taking on Big Bill at a House Rules live event, Page teased the use of an eyepatch on social media. AEW left the door open for Page not being able to compete at the show due to his storyline absence, but he showed up regardless, taking it to Big Bill in a no disqualification bout. 

Page sported an eyepatch during the match, which Bill decided to target and focus. However, Page managed to emerge victorious by putting his opponent through a table. He would cut a promo after the bout, addressing the difficulties of seeing out of one eye, but noted that due to being in his hometown, he needed to show up. This was Page’s first match since March.

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Written by Andrew Kelly