AEW: Dynamite Results - July 7 2021: Road Rager

AEW is back on the road, and live from Miami Florida

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means, as AEW bid farewell to Daily’s Place for the time being and resumed touring with Road Rager live from Miami.

First Dynamite back on the road? Of course Cody Rhodes was kicking things off, taking on QT Marshall in a South Beach Strap Match. Poor QT didn’t even get a televised entrance and instantly tried escaping with The Factory but ate a Cody suicide dive before the two strapped in and got started.

Traditional strap match rules - touch the four turnbuckles consecutively to win. Cody got early advantage, but Aaron Solow slugged him to halt his progress. Dustin Rhodes took care of Solow, but QT got into the match with a low blow. Both men came close to a win but got tangled in the strap, before untangling and taking the fight outside the ring. QT donned the crimson mask after banging the turnbuckle post, before the lights briefly went out. Cody went for a top rope Frankensteiner but ate a super sit-out powerbomb. QT tied Rhodes up and hit an elevated Diamond Cutter, but again was cut off before he could hit the fourth turnbuckle. Cody fired up, absorbed shots from the strap, and hit a beautiful Cody Cutter to take Marshall out. Cody got three turnbuckles, but QT spat in his face before number four. An enraged Cody hit three Crossroads and got the four turnbuckles to win.

Shawn Spears was backstage cutting a promo on Sammy Guevara, but The Spanish God threw a chair at Spears’ head and chewed him out.

Tony Schiavone was in ring to interview AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, still sporting his glorious Harley Race moustache. Don Callis cut Schiavone off and took over the interview, being peppered with ‘you got fired’ chants from the crowd. Callis went over Omega’s victories as champ before saying Omega has no-one left to beat. The Dark Order made their way to the stage, with Evil Uno making his way to the ring to lambast Omega and Callis. Uno asked why Omega is ignoring the number one ranked wrestler in AEW, and why he’s so afraid of Uno’s friend? Omega asked Uno what the capital of Thailand is, before hitting a low blow and exclaiming “IT’S BANGKOK BABY” as The Good Brothers and Michael Nakazawa sneak attacked The Dark Order. Hangman Page ran to the ring and took care of Omega’s entourage, before finally standing face to face with his former tag team partner. Anderson distracted Hangman long enough to allow Omega to escape with the gold.

We then cut to earlier in the day, with Jim Ross conducting a sit-down interview with Darby Allin and Ethan Page. JR said he was uneasy with how both men vow to end the other’s career. Page said Allin deserves to have his career ended, before Darby said how he achieved as much in his first year of wrestling as Page had in 12, and that’s why All Ego hated him. Allin continued that he sacrificed everything to get to AEW, and he did it before Page did. Page said Allin didn’t tell a single lie, but without Ethan, Darby would still be sleeping in his car and earning no money, because Page plucked Page from obscurity and taught him everything he knew, before Allin skipped the queue and made it to the big leagues. Ethan said he brought Darby into the business, and next week during the Coffin Match, he’ll take him out. 

The Pinnacle made their way to the ring as FTR and Wardlow took on Jake Hager and The Proud and Powerful in six-man action. Pinnacle had Tully Blanchard in their corner, whilst The Inner Circle had K-Dogg himself - Konnan.  Plenty of quick tags as both teams battled for supremacy, with Hager and Wardlow kept far apart from one another. Hager cleared house, as FTR personally rang the bell to try and confuse the officials into thinking the match had been thrown out. It didn’t work, and the match continued. The action was very quick and intense, such as Santana hitting a gorgeous Koji Cutter, and some crisp trios offence from The Inner Circle. Hager ran wild on FTR as Wardlow watched from the apron, before the two titans finally squared off in the ring, slugging each other back and forth, before Hager locked in the ankle lock. FTR hit a Big Rig on Hager as the ref was distracted, allowing Wardlow to get the win.

Post-match Konnan hit Wardlow with the madball, but Tully took him out with a chop block as The Inner Circle stood tall.

We then cut to a video package of Karl Anderson calling out Jon Moxley, with Anderson incensed that Moxley has the IWGP US Championship, as Machine Gun talked his own legacy in NJPW, and how he created Bullet Club. We got a classic “BEAT UP JON CENA MOXLEY” shout, as a title match was set for next week.

MJF and Chris Jericho made their way to the ring for their face-off. MJF was furious and lambasted Jericho and the crowd on the mic, but Jericho cut him off, and a fired up Demo God said he’d do anything for another shot at MJF, he’d even have sex with MJF’s mother… again. MJF reminded Jericho that Moxley had to wrestle every member of The Inner Circle for a shot at Le Champion. MJF said he’s taken Jericho’s blueprint and improved it, with Jericho having to wrestle four stipulation matches with opponents of MJF’s choosing, and Jericho has to win all four to get a shot at Friedman. Jericho said if he can’t beat Maxwell then maybe he doesn’t deserve to wrestle in AEW, but Jericho will beat MJF, and he will make his life hell. MJF demanded Jericho shake his hand or the deal’s off, but ate a Judas Effect for his troubles.

Tony Schiavone spoke to Britt Baker backstage, with Baker annoyed at last week’s events with Reba/Rebel dislocating her knee, and Baker eating a table for her troubles. Baker poured scorn on Tony Khan, saying she’s a ratings draw, but Khan put her in a match with Nyla and Vickie so he could get access to Andrade el Idolo. Baker said enjoy the blood money, and that TK can host an event in Saudi Arabia next week. Baker turned her attention back to Nyla Rose, saying when she beats her at Fyter Fest she’ll send her back to obscurity.

Match three saw Matt Sydal in action against the debuting Andrade El Idolo. Andrade got the quick advantage, hitting a twisting brainbuster and a pitch perfect Kota Ibushi double moonsault for two. Sydal worked aggressively, determined not to be outdone by the debuting El Idolo, but Andrade had an answer for everything Sydal did, getting a huge ovation for an Eddie Guerrero Three Amigos. Andrade motioned for an Eddie Guerrero Frog Splash, but Sydal cut him off, and avoided a follow up tree of woe stomp before hitting a Meteora for two. Andrade eventually got the win with the hammerlock El Idolo DDT.

Post match, Andrade bound Sydal’s hands with his belt and locked in a double arm bar. 

A quick video for Matt Hardy vs. Christian aired, before Tony Schiavone was joined in ring by The Enforcer Arn Anderson. Arn thanked the fans for coming out, before the lights cut out. When the lights came back on Tommy End was in the ring, who proceeded to lay out Arn and Cody Rhodes with a pair of Black Masses. Excalibur said he knows Tommy End, but the main in the ring is not Tommy End - he’s Malakai Black.

We cut to a vid from earlier in the night, showing Ricky Starks - flanked by security - cutting a promo in ring saying he can’t trust Brian Cage. An exasperated Taz said it was embarrassing, and said Starks doesn’t need security. Starks said he needs to do what he needs to do, and next week when he becomes FTW Champion he’ll party like an FTW Champion, except the ‘W’ means ‘wife’, specifically Cage’s. Cage then destroyed Starks’ security as Absolute escaped the ring.

Mixed tag action as The Blade and The Bunny went up against Best Friends’ Orange Cassidy and Kris Statlander. OC did his opening superkick salvo on Bunny and Blade, before faking out and nailing Blade with a shotgun dropkick. Blade had OC under control, but Cassidy fought out and tagged in Statlander. The Alien hit an impressive delayed vertical suplex on The Bunny, but ate a blow to the back after a distraction from Blade. Bunny had Statlander’s number, but Kris fought back into the bout, getting a two with the leg trap falcon arrow. Blade took OC out as Bunny hit an avalanche German on Statlander, but a fired up Cassidy ran wild, planting Blade with a tornado DDT, but was taken out by Bunny when motioning for a 450. Statlander hit the 450 instead, but Bunny pulled Cassidy out as he made the pin. OC went for Orange Punch, but Blade KO’d him with brass knucks. As Blade went for a pin, ref Aubrey told him he was not legal, allowing Kris Statlander to hit a Big Bang Theory out of nowhere on Bunny for the win.

A video showed Jungle Boy receiving a trophy for being the first member of the roster to register 50 wins, before Tony Schiavone went to interview MMA fighters Jorge Masvidal and Amanda Nunes, but American Top Team’s Dan Lambert took the mic and went to the ring to cut a promo. Lambert said he was sceptical about coming out to AEW because AEW sucks, and said he’d rather watch Dusty Rhodes, Terry Funk, Harley Race, and Jack Brisco than any modern wrestling. Lambert then said he was told by Tony Khan that AEW was a top mix of old school and new school, and that Khan told him the fans were what made the product what it is. Lambert continued to throw shade at AEW, as Lance Archer came out, and laid out Lambert with The Blackout.

Main event time as Penta el Zero Miedo and Eddie Kingston took on the AEW World Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks in a Street Fight for the titles. No moustaches for The Bucks this week, but they did don the traditional street fight denims.

The action spilled straight outside, as Michael Nakazawa accidentally ate a Superkick party. Shades of Raven as the challengers hit duo drop toe holds onto a chair, before Penta hit a diving dropkick into a chair across Nick Jackson’s junk. The action was frenetic, with Penta hitting a ridiculous running destroyer off the apron through a table on Matt Jackson. Back in ring Kingston laid out Nick with an exploder, before missing a spear through a table and eating nothing but wood. Nick got a two count after a Swanton bomb on a bin covered Kingston, before Penta ran wild on both Bucks. The Bucks fired back, battering Kingston with everything they had, before Penta and The Mad King fired back. Eddie locked in the choke on Matt, but not wanting to hurt his brother, Nick instead 450 splashed referee Rick Nox, the ref missing Matt tapping. The Good Brothers then made their way to the ring, but were taken out by Penta, as Elite Hunter Kaz powerbombed Brandon Cutler through a table. A fresh ref ran out, but as Kingston looked to have the three, Nick Jackson pulled him out. The GBs hit a Magic Killer on the floor on Kaz, as Eddie produced a sack of thumbtacks. Nick Jackson hit an avalanche Frankensteiner onto Penta into the tacks, but the pin was broken up by Eddie. Nick Jackson put a handful of tacks into Kingston’s mouth, as Matt superkicked him into next week to get the all important win.

• Cody Rhodes def. QT Marshall - South Beach Strap Match
• FTR & Wardlow def. Jake Hager, Santana & Ortiz
• Andrade El idolo def. Matt Sydal
• Orange Cassidy & Kris Statlander def. The Blade & The Bunny
• The Young Bucks (c) def. Eddie Kingston & Penta el Zero Miedo - AEW World Tag Titles Street Fight

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