Tommy Dreamer: Terry Funk Wants To Unretire And Make Money Off Recent Health Reports

Reports circulated regarding Funk's health earlier this week

Tommy Dreamer has provided an update on the health of the Terry Funk, detailing a hilarious conversation with the wrestling legend in which he revealed plans to capitalise on recent speculation by unretiring and working with WWE's Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman.

Tributes to Funk began pouring in on social media after Don Muraco revealed that the 77-year-old was battling dementia and living in an assisted living facility. Funk's official socil media accounts would confirm his residence in such a facility but did not use the word 'dementia' when discussing his 'multiple health issues'.

Dreamer, a long-time friend of Funk, offered an update on his wellbeing on Busted Open Radio.

He said: "With social media, things start to take a life of their own. I get a lot of texts about Terry and his health and I see all these tweets about Terry. The biggest one was the WWE. I talked to Terry on his birthday [June 30] and he was fine. I talked to him the week before his birthday for 40 minutes. 

"He was, and is, sharp as a tack. I'm talking about college for my daughters, the wrestling business where he knows about AEW. He calls it 'from Dusty's boys.' He talks about Vince and knows about Peacock network.

"He is in assisted living, but he still has his home. He's 77 and his daughters worry because he's alone. Sometimes, he's forgetful and had a rough patch with his health. Ever since he moved (to assisted living), he's been in better, I don't want to say spirits, but more with it. I haven't spoken to his daughters about his mental health, but as clear as my conversation is with [Dave LeGreca], that's my conversation with Terry."

Dreamer then revealed he spoke to Funk on Tuesday this week and the iconic hardcore pioneer was quick to brush off speculation that his health had completely deteriorated, before joking that he was going to capitalise on all this press by coming out of retirement, working with WWE's Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman, and 'make money'.

He continued: "I called him yesterday and left him a message. He calls me back and I start telling him all the stuff. It started on Don Muraco's podcast where he's talking to Scott Casey and apparently they painted him as not being able to put sentences together and having dementia. I told Terry this and I won't say what he said about Scott Casey except, 'he's full of sh*t, always was.'

"It was perhaps the funniest conversation because now Terry is like, 'We're going to make money out of this. Sika's kid [Roman Reigns] and [Paul Heyman] and me and you. I'm going out of retirement. Let's do it. I can still draw. I heard the ratings are in the shitter.'

"I hang up, he calls me back and is like, 'I'm either gonna get arrested. I'm thinking of taking off all my clothes, running out in the street and beating people up. We'll make money on this somehow. If they think I'm crazy, we'll show them I'm crazy.'"

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