AEW: Dynamite Results - May 12 2021: The Fallout From Blood & Guts

Plus the TNT Title, Tag Titles, and NJPW IWGP US Title were defended

Dynamite started with a split screen of Jon Moxley and Yuji Nagata getting ready backstage for their IWGP US Title clash, before we headed into the usual opening video.

Nagata vs. Moxley then opened the show. Jon Moxley came through the crowd as usual, but instead of his usual music he came out to The Troggs’ classic Wild Thing - a possible tribute to Atsushi Onita. This was a hard hitting affair contested under New Japan rules, with Rocky Romero, and former champ Lance Archer watching on from the crowd. Moxley started off hot, but was soon put in check by Blue Justice and his trademark hard kicks. Moxley took everything Nagata threw at him but wouldn’t stay down, eventually hitting the Death Rider for the win.

Post-match Moxley bowed and showed enormous of amounts of respect to the legendary former IWGP World Champion.

Alex Marvez was backstage with Ortiz, Sammy Guevara, and Jake Hager. Ortiz was furious, explaining that MJF got Santana arrested for using a fork as a weapon, as Hager said Pinnacle failed because Inner Circle are still alive. Guevara said if Pinnacle don’t give them a rematch, The Inner Circle will put them in the grave.

Cody Rhodes came to the ring with an announcement for Double or Nothing. The American Nightmare talked about his pride about being an American, before bringing up Anthony Ogogo and how The Factory’s boxing machine has been disparaging the United States. Cody talked about the American dream (not Dusty) mentioning the likes of Bruno Samartino and Shahid Khan, before announcing that Cody will fight Ogogo at a full capacity Double or Nothing. Cody then announced that for one night it won’t be Anthony Ogogo vs. The American Nightmare, it’ll be Anthony Ogogo vs. The American Dream Cody Rhodes.

A video package for SCU aired ahead of their AEW Tag Title shot against The Young Bucks, a match that if SCU lose they will split as a team. 

That title match was up next, with the cocky flashy Air Jordan 1 ‘Bred’ sporting Young Bucks flanked by Don Callis and The Good Brothers. A determined SCU started strongly, utilising numerous quick tags to keep the Jacksons at bay, but it didn’t take long for the champs to take control, showboating after every successful spot. This was a back and forth tag affair with both teams enjoying spells of dominance, before Nick Jackson took Christopher Daniels out of action with a huge superkick, The Fallen Angel’s head smashing into the ring post and busting wide open. Kazarian valiantly fought on hitting a Styles Clash on Matt Jackson as a message to the former Bullet Club hooligans, as a bloody fired up Daniels came back into the bout. Matt Jackson mockingly channeled Shawn Michaels with an “I’m sorry I love you” superkick to Daniels for two, before Daniels eventually overcame wobbly legs to hit a BME for a two of his own. Eventually an isolated Daniels ate a BTE Trigger, and SCU were forced to split as The Young Bucks retained.

Post-match the Super Elite headed backstage as Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston trashed their dressing room, whilst back in the ring, SCU hugged and said farewell.

Next Dasha Gonzalez caught up with Christian Cage. Cage admitted that Taz used to be a badass, but said The Human Suplex Machine ain’t going to be stepping in the ring anytime soon. Cage said next week he has an open contract for a match, and Taz can send whomever he wants to face him. Cage then brought up the Casino Battle Royal at Double or Nothing, with the winner getting a title match whenever they want. As Cage threw his hat into the ring for the Battle Royal, Matt Sydal turned up and said he was going to win the Battle Royal, and that next week Team Taz can wait as Sydal will take on Christian. 

Match three was the AEW World Title Eliminator, with the winner taking on AEW World Champion Kenny Omega at Double or Nothing. Orange Cassidy placed his sunglasses on PAC, who promptly snapped them in half. Cassidy went for his hands in pockets routine, but tricked PAC and nailed a quick Beach Break then a suicide dive, and produced a pair of replacement aviators as the two old foes fought around the ringside area. In ring PAC nailed Cassidy with several top rope shotgun dropkicks, but whenever he went for The Black Arrow, Cassidy rolled away. PAC got a close two with a sick high angle Ligerbomb, planting Freshly Squeezed onto his neck. Don Callis came out to talk to PAC, allowing Kenny Omega to run in and blast The Bastard from behind with the AEW Title. With Cassidy still down from the Liger Bomb, referee Aubrey Edwards started the double 10 count, and neither man made it back to his feet as this was declared a no contest. Callis and Omega said that since there was no winner, Omega had Double or Nothing off. As Omega was gloating Tony Schiavone shared a message from Tony Khan that Kenny Omega will still defend the title at Double or Nothing but against both PAC and Cassidy in a three-way match. Omega declared he was going BACK TO WINNIPEG and left via the heel tunnel.

Backstage The Young Bucks and The Good Brothers were irate in their trashed locker room. The Jacksons mocked SCU, then declared that next week they’ll defend against The Varsity Blondes, as Matt Jackson mocked Brian Pillman Jr. and his dad, the late Flyin' Brian Pillman Sr. Matt Jackson then invited Eddie Kingston and Jon Moxley to a superkick party at Double or Nothing.

We then caught up with Adam Page and The Dark Order in The Dark Order clubhouse. Page was asked about his loss to Brian Cage and subsequent drop from first to fifth in the men’s rankings, with Hangman saying he knew it would happen sooner or later but it did take three men and a cheapshot to take him down. Page said if he was Cage he wouldn’t be satisfied winning in such an underhand way, and that if Cage was a real man he’d take Hangman on again one-on-one without Team Taz at ringside, at Double or Nothing.

The Pinnacle then made their way to the ring for their coronation with MJF leading the way, wearing a crown and flanked by several women. MJF declared himself the Demo God and the King of AEW, and took credit for Dynamite’s number one spot in the ratings last week. MJF couldn’t understand why Inner Circle would want a rematch, and asked the crowd if they wanted to see one. MJF ignored the fans chanting ‘REMATCH’ and gave a hearty no, as Tully Blanchard took the mic. Tully praised The Pinnacle and trashed the Inner Circle for quitting at Blood & Guts. Tully presented The Pinnacle with expensive watches and said they were at the top of the World looking down on everybody else.

The Pinnacle were interrupted by a loud honking horn, as Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager and Ortiz drove a wagon to the ring, as an arm-brace sporting Chris Jericho emerged and asked MJF one more time for a rematch. MJF again said no, as The Inner Circle doused The Pinnacle with a little bit of the bubbly from a high pressured hose. An irate MJF said Inner Circle would get their rematch at Double or Nothing - in a Stadium Stampede. MJF said if Inner Circle lose they have to split for good, and that Jericho can take it or leave it.

Jim Ross caught up with Britt Baker ahead of her AEW Women’s World Title match against Hikaru Shida at Double or Nothing. JR brought up Shida breaking Baker’s nose last year, with Britt saying you can let pain either hurt you or change you. Britt said she let it change her, as she has proven she is the baddest bitch on the planet. Baker is a monster of Shida’s creation and she’ll have to kill her to stop her, but in case we haven’t noticed Baker is ‘pretty f*****g hard to kill’. Baker went on to guarantee victory at Double or Nothing.

Thunder Rosa was in action next, taking on Jazmin Allure. This was Thunder Rosa’s first Dynamite match since the incredible Light’s Out match with Britt Baker, and an aggressive Rosa made short work of Allure, winning with the Fire Thunder Driver after a couple of minutes. Commentary reiterated Rosa’s desire to regain the NWA Women’s Championship, before announcing champ Serena Deeb will return to Dynamite next week.

Tony Schiavone caught up with Jade Cargill, replaying a section from Dark where Smart Mark Sterling offered his managerial services to Cargill. Cargill said she handles her own business, she’s her own boss and is that bitch.  

Darby Allin was shown driving as he was asked about his condition following Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page’s vicious assault last week. Allin was back in his home town, saying it reminds him of who he is and how far he has come. Allin asked Miro exactly what has he done since he joined AEW. Darby says he knows exactly who he is, but does Miro know who he is?

This led to our main event as a battered and bruised Darby Allin put the TNT Title on the line against a fired up Miro. Miro rushed Darby before the bell and mercilessly beat the champ in the ring as Sting watched on from ringside. Miro would not allow the match to start, throwing Allin all over ringside without mercy, as Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page laughed in the crowd. The match eventually got underway as a psychotic looking Miro planted a Machka kick for a close two. A fired up Darby took it back outside, and fired through Miro with a high speed cannonball tope suicida. Darby went for a huge Coffin Drop, but Miro had it scouted and launched Darby with a monstrous German Suplex. Scorpio Sky appeared out of nowhere to attack Sting’s injured leg as Miro continued his assault of Darby in ring. Darby managed to take Miro down to one knee with a choke hold, but it was not enough as Miro again took control, ramming Darby into the crowd rail. Darby had one more flurry, hitting two flipping stunners, and a code red for two, but Miro fought back and locked in a nasty grapevined Game Over, becoming the fourth man to hold the TNT Championship. As Miro gloated over a downed Allin, Sky and Page once again attacked Sting, only for the Dark order to run out and make the save, as Dynamite went off the air.

Full results:
• Jon Moxley (c) def. Yuji Nagata - IWGP United States Championship
• The Young Bucks (c) vs. SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian) - AEW World Tag team Championship
• Orange Cassidy vs. PAC - No Contest - AEW World Championship Eliminator
• Thunder Rosa def. Jazmin Allure
• Miro def. Darby Allin (c) - TNT Championship

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