AEW Films Angle At PWG Battle Of Los Angeles 2023

Don Callis was at PWG and the angle will rumble to AEW TV

All Elite Wrestling have close links to Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, with PWG Co-Owner Excalibur providing commentary for AEW programming, and those close ties have been used to advance an angle on AEW TV.

Konosuke Takeshita was in action at PWG's Battle of Los Angeles tournament on January 7 and January 8, advancing to the final to face "Speedball" Mike Bailey. After a 27-minute match, Bailey came out on top to win BoLA, defeating Takeshita. 

Don Callis was at BoLA 2023 too and he was in the crowd for the final, although most fans didn't spot him. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported that AEW cameras followed Callis after the show had finished and they were used to make it appear that a group of reporters were asking The Invisible Hand questions, with the idea being he was at the show for Takeshita. Callis then later filmed an interview with Takeshita, with Meltzer noting it appeared the angle was to give the impression that the 27-year-old was confused by Callis' interest. 

Callis has been at ringside for several of Takeshita's matches since he returned in November 2022. The DDT star is reportedly in line for a major push in AEW that will see him be presented as a top-tier star.

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