AEW Full Gear 2022 Results

All the results from AEW Full Gear 2022

AEW hosted their fourth and final PPV of the year with Full Gear live from Newark, New Jersey’s Prudential Center.

It was a long evening of twists, turns, several title changes, and some special guests. Read on for the full results from AEW Full Gear 2022:

Best Friends, Rocky Romero, & Danhausen def. The Factory - Zero Hour Pre-Show

Best Friends and CHAOS team-mate Rocky Romero were meant to be joined by a ‘very evil, very mysterious partner’, but started the match at a disadvantage as they went four-against-five with The Factory. 

Despite the numbers advantage, The Factory were largely outclassed by CHAOS, but The Factory eventually got the advantage after a mocking five-man hug. Trent eventually got the hot tag to Orange Cassidy, and the All Atlantic Champion ran wild with his trademark sloth style.

The match descended into mayhem as both teams ran wild hitting big moves, but as QT looked to have things wrapped up with a Diamond Cutter on OC and subsequent piledriver attempt on the stairs, Evil Danhausen came to the ring with his jar of teeth and a focused Danhausen laid waste to The Factory, getting the win after pump kicking Nick Comoroto in the mouth… full of teeth. Post-match Danhausen nailed QT Marshall in the face with a spike as Best Friends came together for a big hug.

Renee Paquette spoke with new AEW signing Konosuke Takeshita. Takeshita spoke of his excitement of returning to America and becoming ‘All Elite’.

Ricky Starks def. Brian Cage - AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Semifinals - Zero Hour Pre-Show

Ethan Page joined commentary to scout the former Team Taz teammates, with Brian Cage jumping Ricky Starks as he entered the ring. Starks was heavily taped up, and Cage laid into him, targeting his midsection as Prince Nana barked instructions from ringside. 

Starks eventually built up a head of steam, but Cage had him scouted and continued his assault. ‘Absolute’ refused to stay down, coming close with some two counts as the crowd rallied behind him. Starks reversed a Weapon X into a roll up for two, then followed up with a spear for another two. Cage came close too with a massive discus lariat, but Starks had a flying elbow scouted, hitting a destroyer and a Roshambo for the win.

It will be Ricky Starks vs. Ethan Page on Dynamite for a shot at the AEW World Championship at Winter is Coming.

Eddie Kingston def. Jun Akiyama - Zero Hour Pre-Show

Eddie Kingston finally got his dream match as he went one on one with the ‘Fifth Pillar of Heaven’ Jun Akiyama. Kingston spoke with Renee Paquette pre-match saying how he had wanted a shot at Akiyama since he was 18, and was not going to lose this one.

Both me were looking for a clear opening, with Akiyama going for the jumping knee out of the traps but finding nothing. Soon Kingston served up some chops as Akiyama fired back with forearms, with Kingston getting the advantage after knocking Akiyama to the floor. Akiyama soon gained control, dropping Kingston with an apron DDT, and a follow up curb stomp in the ring. 

Kingston with the Kobashi machine gun chops in the corner and a half-and-half suplex, before Akiyama nailed an exploder, ate one in return, then took Eddie down with a running knee. Akiyama went for another exploder but ate a stiff DDT and the uriken for two, before nailing another exploder and an exposed stiff running knee to Eddie’s face for a nearfall. Two for Eddie after a northern lights bomb, then a second uriken got the win as Eddie Kingston downed Jun Akiyama. An emotional Eddie Kingston fought back tears as he bowed to Akiyama in the ring as a show of respect, as Akiyama reciprocated the gesture.

Eddie took the mic post-match and thanked the crowd, thanked Akiyama, thanked the King’s Road style, then offered his respects to the late Giant Baba, Rikidozan, Jumbo Tsuruta, Mitsuharu Misawa, and Antonio Inoki before hyping up the PPV.

‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry def. Luchasaurus - Steel Cage Match

The fourth cage match in AEW history kicked Full Gear 2022 off as ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry and Luchasaurus clashed after months of animosity.

Perry started off on the front foot, focused and dialled in as he used his speed advantage to out manoeuvre Luchasaurus, but the big bad dino soon began manhandling his former tag partner, grinding JB’s face into the cage and busting him open as Christian Cage gloated from the outside. Luchasaurus started playing with Perry, throwing him all over the cage as the blood poured from his forehead, driving JB into the cage with an awesome bomb, before crushing him with a top rope chokeslam and a cut throat driver - but only for two.

Christian Cage managed to steal the cage keys, unlocking the door as security dragged him away. Luchasaurus and Jack Perry escaped the cage and brawled on the floor, Luchasaurus once again gaining the upper hand before producing a table and two chairs and throwing them into the ring. Back in the cage Perry started to fire back with several dropkicks and a cage assisted face wash, but he couldn’t get a proper foothold in the bout. A huge chair assisted destroyer only got a one for JB, with a Killswitch onto another chair going one better with a two count. Luchasaurus fired back with a huge chokeslam onto an upright chair for a two, but was caught off guard with a massive avalanche sliced bread.

Perry fired up and started laying in elbows before eating a headbutt, but he would not say die, peppering Luchasaurus with several punches to the face before an impressive stalling piledriver for a two. Not to be outdone, Luchasaurus nailed a tombstone, and hung on to hit a form of inverted pancake for a two before getting the table in place for an awesome bomb. Perry managed to fight out and choke Luchasaurus out and lay him on the table with a big chair shot, before etching his name into AEW history with an insane heartbreak elbow from the top of the cage through the table before locking in the Snaretrap for the tapout win.

Death Triangle (c) def. The Elite - AEW Trios Tag Titles

With Death Triangle in the ring, the lights in the arena flickered out as the clock ticked down, as Kansas’ classic ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ blared out signalling the return of The Elite, flanked by Don Callis, Michael Nakazawa, and Brandon Cutler, as the roof blew off the arena.

PAC and Kenny Oega kicked off, and it was as fast and furious as you can well imagine as loud ‘F*** CM PUNK’ and ‘COLT CABANA’ chants erupted. PAC was disrespectful as he tried to get the psychological advantage over Omega, before Nick Jackson and Rey Fenix went at each other at 200mph, leading to Matt Jackson and Penta getting involved as neither team could find an advantage. Superkick Party to Death Triangle, but ‘The Bastard’ hightailed it when Omega tagged back in. PAC looked to be busted hardway from the nose as the champs took control of the bout, with PAC taking every opportunity to cheapshot Omega. Nick Jackson ran wild on Lucha Bros before tagging in Omega to go toe-to-toe with PAC. Kenny exploded with snapdragon suplexes and a pitch perfect terminator tope, as Matt Jackson spiked Fenix with a nasty running DDT on the apron. Nick Jackson went one further with a ridiculous springboard avalanche Frankensteiner onto Penta to outside, with the other competitors cushioning Penta’s landing.

Back in the ring Kenny went for a V Trigger but ate a brutal rebound German suplex from PAC, but Death Triangle recovered with triple Tombstones, and ran wild in search of a win, with PAC hitting a black arrow to Kenny’s back before transitioning into a Brutaliser, with Nick Jackson saving his partner. Stereo topes from Lucha Bros, before PAC threw the hammer to Fenix, who refused to cheat. Omega followed up with a Tiger Driver on Fenix for two, then a Superkick party on Penta, and a BTE Trigger on Fenix for another two. PAC loaded up the hammer once more but ate a superkick from Nick Jackson, but passed the hammer to Fenix, who finally unleashed it on Kenny Omega when ‘The Cleaner’ looked for the One Winged Angel, with Fenix getting the win to retain the titles.

Jade Cargill (c) def. Nyla Rose - AEW TBS Championship

Nyla, Vickie Guerrero, and Marina Shafir Madde a statement entrance, rolling to the ring in a lowrider - Eddie Guerrero style, before Jade Cargill made her way to the ring cosplaying as Cheetara from Thundercats, flanked by The Baddies. Before the bell rang Nyla took out Kiera Hogan, but Jade was on top of ‘The Native Beast’, looking to send a message to Rose who has been in possession of Cargill’s TBS Title belt for several weeks.

After brawling in the crowd, Nyla got the advantage as the action spilled into the ring, with Nyla using her power advantage to take control of the bout. Huge rope hung diving knee got two for Nyla, but Jade fought back, sinking a pitch perfect Beast Bomb for two to a nice reaction. Nyla managed to fight out of the Jaded, before hitting one of her own for two, but missed a follow-up senton bomb, allowing Cargill to hit a huge pump kick and a successful Jaded for the win.

Chris Jericho (c) def. Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, & Sammy Guevara - ROH World Championship Four-Way Match

The action instantly spilled all over the ringside area, with Jericho and Claudio brawling on the outside, as Danielson and Guevara clashed in the ring. With Guevara down, Danielson and Claudio took turns teeing off on Jericho, before doing the same to Sammy as BCC established control. Danielson and Claudio shook hands before exchanging uppercuts and a series of pinning combinations before Jericho broke things up. Sammy nailed a diving double cutter to the BCC before hugging his mentor, as Le Sex Gods took control of the match.

Jericho and Sammy started toying with Danielson, but frustration reared it’s head after Jericho told Sammy to stand guard as he went for a pin after an Attitude Adjustment. Guevara took his frustrations out on Danielson, but ‘The American Dragon’ fired back with YES kicks to both men. A flurry from Sammy saw Danielson go down, but Jericho didn’t care who was in his way as he hit both men with a Lionsault for two. Claudio ran back in looking for the Swiss Swing, but ate a Codebreaker for two, as Sammy broke Jericho’s pin to loud ‘YOU F***** UP’ chants.

Jericho and Sammy started hockey fighting one another with Sammy hitting a Codebreaker of his own for two, but could not lock in a Walls of Jericho, before Jericho put his protege in the Walls for good measure. Walls on Danielson as Claudio repeatedly kicked Jericho before locking in a Sharpshooter as Danielson put Jericho in a LeBell Lock too. Sammy saved Jericho and the two made amends before Sammy hit ‘Le Champion’ with a GTH and Shooting Star Press… for a very close two. Sammy continued his momentum with strikes to Danielson, before Claudio launched him out of the ring Bam Bam Bigelow style before eating a Busaiku Knee from Danielson for another nearfall.

Danielson and Claudio exchanged hammer and anvil elbows and nearfalls, then fought on the top turnbuckle allowing Sammy to hit a cutter on Claudio and follow up Spanish Fly on Danielson, but it left Guevara wide open for the LeBell Lock, with Jericho on hand to break things up. Claudio ran wild at ringside, hitting the Neutraliser to Danielson on the floor before eating an SSP from Sammy, but managed to hit Swiss Death on ‘The Spanish God’ in ring for a two. Swiss Swing on Sammy broken up by a flying Judas Effect by Jericho, and follow up for good measure on Claudio as Jericho kept hold of the title. Who will step up to Jericho at ROH Final Battle in December?

Saraya def. Britt Baker

Emotional moment as Saraya returned to ‘her house’ for the first time in five years, with brother Zack Zodiac cheering on from front row as the first ever NXT Women’s Champion finally went one-on-one with Dr. Britt Baker, DMD.

Crowd were hyped for this match, with loud ‘WELCOME BACK’ chants for Saraya as the two locked up. Britt wasted no time targeting Saraya’s neck, but Saraya played possum pretending to have aggravated her neck injury before shaking it off with a smirk. Saraya sent Britt to the floor, but ate a spinning neckbreaker from the mat to the floor for her troubles. Back in ring, Britt continued targeting Saraya’s neck, but Saraya would not stay down, taking it back to the floor with a diving crossbody off the apron, before bringing it back in the ring with a series of strikes. Knightcap for a close two for Saraya, before Britt made her first attempt at Lockjaw - to no avail - before hitting an Air Raid Crash out of nowhere for two. Baker went for an Avalanche Air Raid Crash but ate a sunset flip powerbomb into a Goodknight (package DDT) for two. 

Saraya was in firm control, but Britt went for another Lockjaw but again got nothing. Firm kneestrike for two from Saraya as duelling chants rang out, before Britt hit the running stomp… for two. Another knee for another two, then another two Goodknight DDTs for the three as an emotional Saraya emphatically announced her return to in-ring competition.

Samoa Joe def. Powerhouse Hobbs & Wardlow (c) - AEW TNT Championship Three-Way

HOSS FIGHT TIME. Wardlow made a beeline straight for Joe, as the two former partners slugged it out on the floor as Powerhouse Hobbs inserted himself into the affair, dropping Wardlow with a delayed vertical suplex in the ring. Hobbs absorbed several chops from Joe before hitting the ROH TV Champ with a t-bone suplex, as the former Team Taz ‘Powerhouse’ established dominance before Wardlow flew in out of nowhere with a Whisper in the Wind on both men to a huge reaction.

Wardlow nearly slipped from the top but regained composure to hit Hobbs with a senton bomb, but Joe was on hand to prevent the pin before giving Hobbs a facewash. Wardlow crushed both men with a shoulder block then got Joe up for a big one handed spinebuster a la Ron Simmons. Wardlow and Hobbs took the fight outside before Joe crushed them with a tope suicida but Hobbs was on hand to send Joe flying into the guardrail with a massive tackle.

Back in ring, Wardlow and Hobbs jockeyed for position, but Wardlow was quick to hit three powerbombs, however Joe ran in to crush Wardlow with the title and choke out Hobbs with the Coquina Clutch for the win and become a double champion.

Tony Schiavone was backstage with Chris Jericho and Jake Hager. Jericho praised Sammy Guevara’s performance earlier in the night, before Orange Cassidy showed up to tell Jericho that Tomohiro Ishii wants to step up and face Jericho for the ROH World Championship on Dynamite. Jericho said he knew Ishii as a young boy in WAR in the early 90s and accepted the challenge, before Jake Hager in his favourite hat challenged Orange Cassidy for the All Atlantic Championship next week.

Sting & Darby Allin def. Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal

It’s Jeff Jarrett’s world as Double J came to the ring flanked by several goons in Sting masks as Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt watched on, waiting for the real Sting and Darby Allin. Lethal took the goons to investigate a body bag left on the ramp as Darby’s music fired up, with Allin coming through smoke to attack Lethal as Sting emerged in the ring behind Jarrett. 

Loud ‘TNA’ chants as Sting and Darby teed off on Jarrett, before Lethal made the save. Darby and Double J went off through the crowd as Sting launched Lethal from the top rope to the apron. Sting and Lethal also went walkabout as Darby set up a ladder on the entrance ramp, but his Coffin Drop attempt was caught by Satnam Singh who hit Darby with an Outsider’s Edge on the ramp. Satnam caught Jay Lethal when he was thrown from a railing, but wasn’t so lucky when Sting crossbodied the ‘one in a billion’ athlete. 

Finally the action spilled into the ring as Jarrett did the Fargo strut and rocked Darby Allin. Sting eventually made his way into the ring to spar with Jarrett and Lethal, and was confronted by Sonjay when he had the Scorpion Deathlock on Jarrett. Satnam Singh was not going to stand by idly, chokeslamming the Stinger out of his facepaint in the middle of the ring. Lethal and Darby went back-and-forth, Darby getting the flipping Stunner on Lethal after avoiding El Kabong. Second time was not so lucky, as Jarrett swung the guitar into Darby as he went to hit the Coffin Drop, however this fired Darby up who nipped up and ran wild on Jarrett and Lethal, before Sting levelled Dutt and hit a combo Scorpion Death Drop/Coffin Drop on Satnam before Darby hit the missile suicide dive on Jarrett as Sting turned the Lethal Injection into a Scorpion Death Drop before Darby finally connected with the Coffin Drop on Lethal for the win. 

Jamie Hayter def. Toni Storm (c) - Interim AEW Women’s World Championship

Duelling chants from the start as former room mates Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm locked up, with Hayter going for an early Ripcord lariat after avoiding a Storm Zero attempt. Storm got first blood after sending Hayter to the floor with the hip attack, but Hayter recovered to send Storm flying into the guardrail. Storm nailed Hayter with several chops, but Hayter dodged a final attempt, causing Storm to nail the ringpost with a stiff chop. Hayter took control as the action returned to the ring, hitting two snap suplex slams on the champ for two and asserting control with a sit out sleeper hold.

Hayter started to get frustrated, even putting her hands on referee Paul Turner, allowing Storm to come right back into the bout with a Lou Thesz Press, the running hip into the corner, and a diving crossbody for two. After exchanging strikes Storm and Hayter found themselves down for a 10 count, as Rebel ran down to ringside. Storm was busted open, bleeding from the nose as Hayter continued the assault, with Rebel hitting Storm with the belt as the ref was distracted. Sliding Lariat from Hayter only got two as Rebel remonstrated on the apron before getting ejected, Storm dodging the Hayterade ripcord clothesline and hitting a stiff one of her own for two. Storm spilled to the outside, as Britt Baker ran out of nowhere with a stomp onto the title as Hayter hit a Storm Zero for a very close two.

A fired up Hayter went for another Hayterade but ate a German Suplex and Storm Zero from the champ… for two. Loud ‘JAMIE’ chants as Britt distracted Storm, allowing Hayter to hit the Haytbreaker for two before following up with corner elbows. Storm launched Hayter into Britt Baker on the top turnbuckle, exposing the turnbuckle as Hayter spiked Storm onto the exposed metal then hit the Hayterade for the win and the title, as Rebel and Britt celebrated with their stablemate.

The Acclaimed (c) def. Swerve In Our Glory - AEW World Tag Team Championships

Max Caster had extended bars for Swerve in Our Glory, saying the challengers look like Jay and Silent Bob, Swerve like Randall from Monster Inc., and they were going to drop them like Adidas dropped Kanye West. No Billy Gunn ringside for the champs though.

Four man slugfest to start things off, as Keith Lee targeted Anthony Bowens taped shoulder from the start. The champs dispatched Lee to focus on Swerve, hitting Scissor Me Timbers to assert their dominance. The challengers soon got a foothold in the bout by targeting Bowens’ shoulder, whilst Swerve beat down Max Caster then propped up a guardrail on the apron, much to Lee’s chagrin. Bowens took Swerve out with a suplex on the floor, but Keith Lee had the champ scouted, again targeting that taped shoulder.

Bowens managed to fight back with a reverse Frankensteiner on Lee, before getting the hot tag to Caster who ran wild on the former champs. Caster took Lee down with a diving hurricanrana, then hit a diving Fameasser on the former NXT Champion. The champs went back and forth with the challengers, before Max Caster hit a game changer with a diving crossbody on Lee through the guardrail. Swerve and Bowens went one-on-one in the ring, Swerve hitting a big House Call kick for a nearfall before following up with several more kicks, again only getting a two count.

Swerve missed the stomp and ate an Arrival and Mic Drop, but Keith Lee made the save, before getting the tag and running over Caster and yeeting him across the ring. Fall From Glory on Caster somehow only got a two, as Keith and Swerve looked dumbfounded. Lee swung Caster into Bowens then powerbombed Platinum into AB, as Swerve took Caster to the floor and unearthed the pliers. Billy Gunn ran out of nowhere to stop Swerve, as Strickland tried to convince Lee to use the pliers on Bowens - to no avail. An incensed Swerve slapped Keith Lee across the face, but Lee just tapped Bowens on the back and walked out on Swerve to a big pop. Bowens tagged in Caster as the champs dropped Swerve for the win.

MJF def. Jon Moxley (c) - AEW World Championship

Main event time, with MJF coming out to mild cheers, before going to the back and running back out to a massive ovation. Usual big reaction to Jon Moxley as the champ flips off the camera and walks through the crowd with William Regal. Formal in-ring introductions as the crowd chanted ‘NEW CHAMP’ and peppered Moxley with boos. Tri-state area crowd, as good as a home crowd for MJF.

Mox came straight out the traps with a big right to MJF, who responded with a slap. Unfortunately for MJF this just fired Mox up who was all over the challenger, but that didn’t stop Friedman from hitting the Fargo strut and taunting the champ after Mox took a spill to the floor. Mox was working snug with MJF as the crowd booed and taunted him, hitting a series of stiff strikes and submissions to wear the challenger down. Mox cockily paraded the title around ringside, but this allowed MJF to spit mist into the champ’s eyes for brief respite, before Mox chucked him into the ring steps. Back in the ring, MJF finally levelled Mox with a lariat, then followed up with several jabs and headpounds to get a foothold in the bout. MJF kissed the title before placing the timekeeper’s table at the foot of the ring, but this gave Mox time to recover and hit a cutter, and the Danielson stomps to boos. Mox went for a cradle piledriver off the apron through the table, but MJF reversed it into a Tombstone on the apron, doing damage to his knee in the process.

MJF started yelling in Mox’s face, but another apron piledriver attempt didn’t pay off due to MJF’s bad knee, allowing Mox to hit a leaping piledriver off the apron through the table, shades of Rhino in ECW. MJF narrowly beat the 10 count, but rolled right into a Paradigm Shift… for two. This angered Mox who wailed on MJF’s knee before locking in a Figure Four leglock, until MJF turned over and reversed the pressure of the hold. Mox quickly got the ropebreak, but MJF followed up with a nasty looking Heatseeker for two. Another Heatseeker attempt was countered, and Mox continued working over MJF’s knee before MJF crotched the champ on the top rope, but Mox recovered to hit an avalanche Paradigm Shift for two.

MJF was down for the count, as MOX looked for the kill. MJF spat in Mox’s face but received a punch for his troubles, then fired back with the duelling forearm strikes, then dragged ref Bryce Remsburg in the way of Mox as the champ was charging. With the ref down MJF went for the ring, but William Regal convinced him not to use it. Mox went for a choke on MJF but got backed into the second ref Paul Turner, with MJF tapping to the bulldog choke with no ref to register the submission. As Mox went to wake the ref Regal slipped MJF the brass knucks and Friedman clocked Mox for the three and the AEW World Championship as ‘The Devil’ smirked at Regal and lifted his newly won title.


  • MJF def. Jon Moxley (c) - AEW World Championship
  • The Acclaimed (c) def. Swerve In Our Glory - AEW World Tag Team Championships
  • Jamie Hayter def. Toni Storm (c) - Interim AEW Women’s World Championship
  • Sting & Darby Allin def. Jeff Jarrett & Jay Lethal
  • Samoa Joe def. Powerhouse Hobbs & Wardlow (c) - AEW TNT Championship Three-Way
  • Saraya def. Britt Baker
  • Chris Jericho (c) def. Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli, & Sammy Guevara - ROH World Championship Four-Way Match
  • Jade Cargill (c) def. Nyla Rose - AEW TBS Championship
  • Death Triangle (c) def. The Elite - AEW Trios Tag Titles
  • ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry def. Luchasaurus - Steel Cage Match
  • Eddie Kingston def. Jun Akiyama - Zero Hour Pre-Show
  • Ricky Starks def. Brian Cage - AEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament Semifinals - Zero Hour Pre-Show
  • Best Friends def. The Factory - 10-Man Tag Match - Zero Hour Pre-Show

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