AEW Full Gear 2023 Results

All the action from AEW Full Gear 2023

Here we are, another year reaching it’s end as we come to AEW’s final ‘big four PPV’ of 2023 with Full Gear, live from The KIA Forum in Los Angeles.

The main question on everyone’s lips heading into the show is will ‘The Devil’ show up, and more importantly will we find out just who is under the mask? Never mind who the newest major signing is to Tony Khan’s promotion.

Read on for the full results from Full Gear 2023.

Eddie Kingston (c) def. Jay Lethal - ROH World Championship - Zero Hour pre-show

Code of Honor upheld, with loud ‘EDDIE’ chants starting up straight away. Kingston started on the front foot, soon knocking Lethal to the floor in front of his extended entourage. Lethal turned the tables on a second trip to the floor, with Jeff Jarrett suckerpunching Kingston as Lethal hit the Fargo Strut in the ring. Sonjay Dutt got in a suckerpunch of his own as Lethal asserted his dominance on the bout, with Jay looking for a record equalling third ROH World Championship win.

Kingston ate a big belly-to-belly into the corner from Lethal, and some pinpoint knife-edge chops sent the champ reeling, but Kingston still had the wherewithal to hit a textbook Exploder on Lethal and followed up with some machine gun chops in the corner. Lethal Combination, and a follow-up Machismo Elbow after a quick roll-up scare from Kingston. Lethal Injection was scouted, and Kingston rocked Lethal with a pair of suplexes, then sent Dutt flying off the apron into Jarrett. Karen Jarrett and Satnam Singh distracted the ref as both Lethal and Kingston fought their way towards Jeff’s Acoustic Equaliser only for Ortiz to show up, and crack Dutt with El Kabong. Huge suplex from Kingston, and the Uriken sealed the deal. Kingston and Ortiz shook hands and squashed their beef, as Kingston celebrated with his title belts.

On his way up the ring Kingston passed Renee Paquette and RJ City on the ramp, grabbing a mic to give his regards to LA for good measure.

Claudio Castagnoli def. Buddy Matthews - Zero Hour pre-show

Buddy bumrushed Claudio from the bell, but soon ate a series of European Uppercuts and knees for his actions. The action spilled to the floor as Claudio uppercutted Buddy all around the ringside area. Buddy flew at Claudio off the ringstairs, then followed up with a Meteora in-ring for two. The two exchanged full-bodied strikes as Claudio sent Buddy spiralling with a big lariat, then followed up with some more ‘very’ European Uppercuts and a big boot. Buddy avoided the big swing but at Swiss Death for two - although Claudio didn’t get all of it. A second Meteora attempt by Buddy ended up with him taking a trip in the swing to the delight of the crowd.

The action found its way to the top rope, with Buddy feeding Claudio some Cheeky Nandos and a powerbomb for two. Jackhammer for two by Buddy, transitioned into a crossface. Claudio fought out and deadlifted Buddy up for a TKO, then sent him flying with a running uppercut for two. Ricola Bomb into a Sharpshooter with Buddy eventually tapping. Claudio offerd a handshake to Matthews, but was brushed off as Buddy headed to the back.

MJF & Samoa Joe (c) def. The Gunns - ROH World Tag Team Championships - Zero Hour pre-show

Backed into a corner, MJF finally accepted Samoa Joe’s help, on the condition he give the former ‘King of Television’ an AEW World Championship match in the not too distant future. MJF seemed to be in a jubilant mood, fully leaning into his status as a man of the people by wearing LA Lakers inspired gear in The Forum.

MJF started on the front foot with Colten Gunn, but too much showboating allowed The Gunns to double team the champ. Joe tagged himself in to the chagrin of MJF, with Joe sending The Gunns reeling with a tope suicida. In ring Joe toyed with Colten Gunn, then tagged MJF back in who soon found himself on the wrong end of a two-on-one from The Gunns. MJF tried in vain to tag Joe back in, but The Gunns isolated him and cut off the ring. Eventually Joe got the hot tag and ran riot on Austin and Colten, but a Muscle Buster attempt saw MJF blind tag in for a Muscle Buster attempt of his own… only for Austin Gunn to send him reeling. Double DDT by MJF, but a follow-up Kangaroo Kick attempt was interrupted by Joe tagging back in as the pair put aside their differences to go for stereo Muscle Busters. The Gunns fought out, hitting Joe with a 3:10 to Yuma for two thanks to MJF’s timely interruption. Suddenly, Adam Cole’s music hit to a loud pop as Cole hopped down to the ring on crutches, allowing Samoa Joe to lock in a Coquina Clutch on Colten for the win.

MJF and Cole embraced on the ramp, before Joe let MJF know that they meet soon for the AEW World Championship, should MJF defeat Jay White later tonight. MJF and Cole exchanged pleasantries, but this allowed The Gunns to hit a sneak attack on MJF, then followed up with chair shots to MJF’s left knee and a Pillmaniser as Cole watched on from the floor unable to do anything. Doctors attended to MJF, wheeling the champ to the back on a gurney. MJF was wheeled into an ambulance as he made Cole promise to not let them ‘take away his championship’.

Sting, Darby Allin, & Adam Copeland def. Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, & Nick Wayne

A choir sang Christian Cage and his patriarchal cohorts to the ring, before Also Sprach Zarathustra heralded the arrival of Ric Flair. A spotlight then hit the ramp as three baseball bats met in unison, as a facepainted Adam Copeland came out with Sting and Darby Allin - all in matching coats - then fistbumped Steve-O at ringside. Wrestling is mad.

Darby and Nick Wayne started things, with Wayne cheapshotting his former friend with a punch to the jaw. Darby soon took Wayne to finishing school, tying the teenage prodigy in knots before tagging in Sting. Sting took it to the floor with Wayne, before Christian tagged in… as did Adam Copeland. Loud ‘holy s***’ chants… as Christian tagged Luchasaurus in. The big dino had the better of Copeland at first, but Copeland soon fought back and brought Darby back in to the match. The heels group attacked Darby before Luchasaurus sent Darby flying with a disgusting chokeslam from within the ring to the apron and onto the floor. 

Allin was reeling as Cage came back in to pepper some boots, before Wayne came in to continue the assault, even mocking Flair with a Fargo Strut. The heels utilised quick tags to maintain their control on the bout, but Darby found an opening, crushing Wayne with an arm trap sunset flip powerbomb off the top rope. On the outside, Cage crawled under the ring to sneak attack Copeland and throw him into the ringpost, as Luchasaurus cut down Sting. The heels resumed their onslaught on Allin, with Cage taunting both Darby and Copeland with his antics. Allin finally tagged Copeland in, but once again Cage escaped. Impaler DDT on Luchasaurus, then a gorilla press to Wayne over the top rope. Luchasaurus caught Wayne, and also caught a tope from Darby, as Sting flew off the apron onto the two with a bodysplash. Double chokeslam attempt on Sting and Copeland thwarted, as the two hit their Scorpion Death Decapitation, then a double suplex on Luchasaurus as Darby hit a bodysplash. Somehow Luchasaurus recovered to lay out Copeland and Darby, as Flair took his jacket off and started lighting Christian up with chops. Lowblow to Flair as referee Rick Knox finally intervened, but a a TNT Title attack on Copeland found Luchasaurus instead. Copeland chased Cage who ran to the back, as the faces triple teamed Luchasaurus to get the win.

Post-match, Allin grabbed a mic to ‘make some f****** noise’ for Sting for his last match in California.

Tony Schiavone took to the stage with referee Bryce Remsburg, before asking Bullet Club Gold to come to the stage. The Gunns’ music played as an irate Jay White came out to berate Tony Schiavone. Schiavone announced that MJF was injured and would no be able to defend the gold, with their main event clash being cancelled. Schiavone went to declare White the new AEW World Champion by default, as Adam Cole came to the stage. Cole said he’d spoken with Tony Khan, and said that if MJF can’t wrestle then Cole will wrestle in his place, one leg or not. A delighted Jay White reminded Cole how he took him out at Forbidden Door I, and said he’ll gladly do it again tonight. 

Orange Cassidy (c) def. Jon Moxley - AEW International Championship

Moxley set to work straight away, flattening OC with some stiff forearms, as this threatened to go the way of their first match for the title. Mox toyed with Cassidy around ringside and in the ring, lighting up the champ with chops and telling him ‘he ain’t s***’. Bossman Slam for two for Mox, then a top rope back rake and nose bite for good measure, but Cassidy came back with a back rake and nose bite of his own before taking a headbutt. Cassidy with a a series of headbutts to open up Mox, then a superplex, a diving DDT, and a tornado DDT… for one. Sloth style kicks quickly became vicious as Cassidy stomped Mox and flipped him off, before sending him into the announce desk with a trio of topes.

Back in ring, Deathrider attempt was thwarted, with Cassidy hitting a Stundog Millonaire. This only annoyed Mox, who laid into the champ with hammer and anvil elbows, mounted strikes, and a bulldog choke. The turnbuckle became exposed as Mox hit a cutter and a Gotch style piledriver for two. Sloth style kicks from Mox fired up the champ who sent Mox into the exposed buckle twice. Three Orange Punches and a roll-up for two, then three more Orange Punches, and a Beach Break for the win.

Post-match, Trent Beretta and Hook checked on Cassidy as Wheeler Yuta and Claudio Castagnoli saw to Moxley. Yuta and Hook exchanged words as The BCC went to the back.

Mark Briscoe was then announced as the third name for the Continental Classic Tournament.

Toni Storm  def. Hikaru Shida (c) - AEW Women’s World Championship

Storm ripped up her script as the bell rang - literally - before challenger and champion exchanged strikes. Shida tied Storm in the ropes and lit her chest up with chops, as Storm’s ‘big fan’ Mariah May watched on backstage. Storm showed signs of snapping as she ate more chops, firing back with some hard chops of her own before machine gunning Shida in the corner, and hitting a bulldog. Shida fired back herself, getting a two after a missile dropkick. 

With the champ down Storm went for a shoe attack, but was caught by the ref, then smashed SHida with a second shoe behind the ref’s back… but could only get a two count. Desperation Strong Zero from Shida as she fought out of a Storm Zero attempt, with ref Aubrey Edwards starting the standing ten count on both wrestlers. A fired up Shida made it to her feet first and laid into storm with strikes and a Falcon Arrow for two. Meteora attempt by Shida missed, jarring the champ’s ankle, leading to Storm locking in a standing ankle lock to wear down Shida’s sore joint. Storm removed Shida’s shoe but couldn’t use it as a weapon, with Shida grabbing the kendo stick instead. Shida wailed on Luther with the cane as Storm slipped a foreign object into her singlet. Deadlift German Suplex by Storm, then the running hip attack in the corner, with the foreign object in place to crush Shida’s head. 123 - Toni Storm becomes AEW Women’s World Champion for the third time.

Mariah May came to the ring bearing flowers as Storm celebrated, before Luther carried the ‘Timeless’ leading lady from the ring. 

Renee Paquette spoke with Eddie Kingston in the back, with Kingston saying his ROH and NJPW STRONG Openweight Championships will be on the line in the Continental Classic Tournament as he entered himself into the bracket. Kingston also said the winner will become Triple Crown Champion, as they will also win the Continental Championship.

Ricky Starks & Big Bill (c) def. FTR, The Kings of the Black Throne, & LFI - AEW World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Ladder match time, with the stipulation added on Collision as Big Bill is ‘7ft tall’ (and you can’t teach that) and won’t need as many steps to reach the titles.

This started how it meant to go on - with eight fellas smacking lumps out of one another all over the ring. Rush and Cash Wheeler made their first attempts at the title, but dropped from the ladders to have a punch up instead. Cash speared Rush from the apron onto those at ringside, before Dralistico levelled the field with a tope con hilo. Malakai moonsault into the throng, then a Dax Harwood superplex sent Starks into the pile with all eight men down at ringside. 

Big Bill and Brody King found themselves in the ring to ‘MEAT’ chants as the two big lads started wailing on one another. Dax and Rush broke it up with some ladder sandwiches (no bread) before Dax put the ladders on to do the obligatory Terry Funk spot. Rush and Cash grappled before Cash switched his attention to the advancing Malakai Black who decked Wheeler with a rebounding ladder. Black found himself on the top rope but took a punch to the plums as Cash caught him with a piledriver onto a rope hung ladder. Brody crushed Bill with a tope as Starks cleaned house in the ring. A bleeding Brody King cleaned house and crushed Dax with a cannonball into the ladders, then made a break for the titles. Unfortunately for Brody, Bill was there to tip him off the ladder into another. Dralistico then came in to try his luck with bill, eating a huge chokeslam for his troubles. Rush came in to avenge his partner, hitting a big Bull’s Horns into the ladders into Bill in the corner, before making his own attempt at the gold. Starks met Rush on top, as the others grabbed their own ladders as we had a six-man fight up top for the gold. Brody and Malakai attempted to take everyone out but Dralistico had them scouted. King regained his composure to hit Dralistico with the Ganso Bomb on a ladder propped up against the rails. King was then placed on the ladder as Cash Wheeler hit a Superfly Splash to put the big man out of commission. 

With everyone down, Starks and Harwood made their way to the top of the ladders, but it wasn’t long until they were interrupted… although Starks was caught by Bill as he was knocked from the top. Bill was quick in putting Starks back on the ladder as ‘Absolute’ retrieved the title belts to continue their reign.

Julia Hart  def. Kris Statlander (c) &. Skye Blue - TBS Championship

The challengers both sought to rush the champ, but it didn’t work out for them as Kris Statlander flew out of the traps on the attack. Julia Hart and Skye Blue locked eyes, before Statlander reprimanded Blue who has shown a different side in recent times. Senton by Hart off the apron onto Stat, before Blue hit an apron hurricanrana, but the champ fired back with a suplex on the challengers on the ramp.

Back in ring the challengers teamed up again to take the champ down, before hart and Statlander came face-to-face and shook hands, only for Julia to slug Skye Blue and bounce her head off the apron like Kareem Adbul Jabbar. An angered Skye Blue fired back, but Statlander rushed the ring to dish out a beating to the two young challengers. Skye and Julia resumed their fight, with Skye hitting a Cheeky Nandos before Stat rocked her with a Lariat, and got a nearfall on Hart with a Michinoku Driver.

Hurricanrana attempt by Blue on Statlander was scouted, but the champ was pushed from the top as she went for a 450. Beautiful Moonsault by Hart only got two thanks to a timely interruption by Stat, with the champ hitting a scoop powerslam on Hart on the floor. Saturday Night Fever attempt thwarted by Blue, who hit a massive Code blue for a two and 3/4 on the champ. A pair of German suplexes each from the champ levelled the competition. Saturday Night Fever by Statlander rocked Skye Blue, but Hart clotheslined Stat and pinned Blue herself, stealing a win and getting the TBS Championship.

Tony Schiavone was in the ring to announce the newest member of AEW; Will Ospreay. Ospreay signed on the dotted line, and announced that he will join AEW in the new year as he wants to finish up with New Japan Pro Wrestling first. Ospreay announced he was ‘All Elite bruv’ then asked Tony Khan to line them all up, especially for Wembley Stadium next August. It’s official, Ospreay is All Elite, and AEW have pulled one out of the bag here, with WWE also believed to have been heavily interested in the ‘Commonwealth Kingpin’.

Swerve Strickland def. Hangman Page - Texas Death Match

Prince Nana lead a dance troupe in the ‘Nana’ dance whilst a focused Swerve Strickland sauntered to the ring. Hangman rushed the ring whilst Swerve’s music still played, hitting a pop-up powerbomb and a Buckshot Lariat straight off the bat to loud ‘Cowboy S***’ chants. Knockouts or submissions only, as the fight spilled to the floor, with Hangman grabbing a chair, duct tape, and a staple gun for the fight. Page threw the chair at Strickland then duct taped his wrists together before stapling the former tag champion in several places. Hangman then stapled his kid’s finger painting onto Swerve’s face then literally drank his blood to the disgust of the crowd. 

Hangman retrieved some barbed wire and a Atushi Onita barbed wire chair, but received a kick to the plumes from Swerve, as Nana set his client free from the tape. Another set of staples to Swerve only pissed him off, before he grabbed the gun and stapled himself a few times whilst laughing and bleeding. Swerve put the barbed wire chair in the corner and bowled Hangman into it before retrieving a trusty cinderblock from beneath the ring. The two fought on the apron, with Swerve hitting a Spicolli Driver onto the cinderblock on the apron. Swerve then delivered a piledriver on Hangman on top of the guardrail, and when the two eventually made it to their feet they returned to the ring for a fistfight, Hangman nailing a pair of Fallaway Slams to send Swerve reeling. A bloodsoaked Page then wrapped Swerve’s torso in barbed wire and hit a third fallaway slam before retrieving the barbed wire chair. Hangman then hit a moonsault to the floor with the chair pressed to his chest, with Swerve taking the full brunt of the attack. Buckshot attempt was scouted, as was a JML Driver attempt by Swevre, with Strickland booting the barbed chair into Page. Swerve went for a Tombstone on the chair, but Hangman reversed it to hit one his own before collapsing in a heap. 

Swerve just beat the 10 count with Prince Nana’s help, but Hangman was waiting with the wirechair, hitting Swerve in the back with it. Page went for a top rope Deadeye onto the barbed chair but Swerve avoided it, slugging Page with the weapon - the wire inadvertently wrapping around Page’s face - then hitting a sitout powerbomb and a double stomp onto the chair to put Page out. Hangman momentarily broke the count, but this allowed Swerve time to grab a back of broken glass, pouring the contents onto Hangman’s back then hitting a 450 splash onto the glass, then a follow-up JML Driver as a further f*** you. Hangman somehow beat the 10 count at the last moment, with Swerve hitting the Cactus Clothesline to take them both to the floor.

A barbed wire board was unearthed and positioned across two chairs in the ring by Swerve and Nana, but Hangman recovered to hit a flipping fallaway slam through the barbed wire, followed up with a kick to the face, powerbomb, and a Deadeye. Page then wrapped barbed wire around Swerve’s neck and face, then hit a big Buckshot Lariat to fell Strickland, but Nana once again pulled Swerve out the ring and to his feet, keeping him in the match. As Swerve was asleep on his feet, Brian Cage ran in to hit Page with two powerbombs and an F-5, before setting up a table at ringside. Cage went for an Awesome Bomb but ate barbed wire, as Page jabbed ‘The Machine’ then hit him with a lariat. An incensed prince nana then slugged Hangman with a chair, but received an apron Deadeye through the table for his troubles. 

As Hangman composed himself, Swerve reappeared with the cinderblock, crushing the former AEW World Champion with it on the floor. Swerve then unearthed a chain and wrapped it around Page’s neck, before hanging him from the turnbuckle. Hangman was out, and despite his best efforts he couldn’t make it back to his feet. Swerve wins, Swerve wins, and it was an absolute bloodbath.

The Golden Jets def. The Young Bucks

Don Callis joined commentary for this one, with The Bucks’ number one contendership status, and The Golden Jets’ future as a team both on the line.

Omega and Nick Jackson started off, but neither man could get first blood as they had a counter for everything having known each other well for many years. Matt Jackson and Chris Jericho however, chopped layers off of each other, as Kenny Omega stepped in to stop Jericho going too far on his Elite partner. Matt showed his gratitude by suckering Omega in and peppering him with shots, mean that. Omega regrouped with the Terminator Tope, as Jericho joined the fray, tangling with The bucks on the floor, as Nick Jackson sandwiched Jericho’s arm between the stairs and the ringpost and kicked the stairs.

The Bucks worked over Jericho and his arm in the ring, surely taking the Judas Effect out of the equation. Jericho’s arm was bleeding as he took a spill to the floor, with Matt Jackson taking the opportunity to drill ‘The Ocho’s arm into the ringpost. Jericho eventually got the tag to Omega who ran wild on The Jacksons, hitting a three-quarter moonsault from inside to outside on Matt, and diving crossbody on nick in the ring, Nick reversing the move into a pin for two. Jericho pinned in and hit. Lionsault onto both Bucks, kneeing Nick right in the thigh - sore one that. Matt went for a Walls of Jericho on Jericho but got nothing, and as all four men fought in the ring Jericho accidentally forearmed Omega down to the mat. 

Walls of Jericho by Jericho, with Omega taking Nick Jackson out at ringside. Matt eventually fought out by targeting Jericho’s injured arm, and the two exchanged standing strikes. Double Northern Lights suplex by Matt Jackson on the Golden Jets, and Nick followed with a German Suplex onto Omega on the apron. Jericho top rope Frankensteiner on Matt Jackson, but he received a kick to the willis from Nick, as Matt toebanged Omega in his plums too. Judas Effect by Nick Jackson on Jericho got a two thanks to a Kenny intervention, with a follow-up BTE Trigger on Jericho somehow only landing a two count. Jericho avoided a Meltzer Driver and dished out some superkicks on the Bucks, before punching Nick Jackson in his happy sack. Omega then signalled for a V Trigger on Jericho, but it was a bluff as he rocked Nick with the knee, hit a pair of snapdragons on Matt, but Nick had a One Winged Angel Attempt scouted with a poisonrana. Matt hit a One Winged Angel of his own for a two, and a follow up Meltzer Driver was thwarted as Jericho caught a leaping Nick Jackson with a Codebreaker, as Kenny hit Croyt’s Wrath on Matt for two. Superkick party on The Jets, but Omega recovered to hit the ripcord and One Winged Angel on Matt Jackson for the win. The Golden Jets will continue, and they are now the number one contenders to the AEW World Tag Team Championships. Nick Jackson took the loss well by having a freak out at ringside, and The Bucks refused to accept Omega’s hand, spurning a show of sportsmanship as Nick Jackson smashed a chair to smithereens at ringside.

MJF (c) def. Jay White - AEW World Championship

Main event time, as Adam Cole made his surprise in-ring return to defend MJF’s honour against Jay White. Cole came to the ring on crutches in a medical boot and street clothes, sitting on the ring apron for his customary ‘BOOM’, and leaning on the ropes for the ‘ADAM CALL BAY BAY’ yell. A mocking Jay White fake limped to the ring flanked by The Gunns, and we all wondered just what was going to happen with this match.

As the two were about to lock up, sirens blared in the arena to a loud pop. But it wasn’t Scott Steiner, it was MJF driving himself back into the arena in a stolen ambulance, his quad heavily taped up. MJF stormed to the ring as refs and backstage staff tried to stop him, Jay White grinning like a Cheshire Cat at the image of MJF and Cole, with the pair having one good set of legs between the pair of them. Jay White, unsurprisingly, targeted MJF’s taped quad from the off. White distracted the ref as The Gunns swarmed MJF on the floor, with The Gunns following up on a second attack moments later. White continued to throw MJF out to The Gunns, but on the third attempt they were caught by referee Bryce Remsburg and sent packing. 

White continued his assault of MJF, and was throwing it in Cole’s face - literally at times. MJF managed to get some licks in, peppering White with clotheslines and a bodyslam, but at a cost. With the crowd behind him, MJF signalled for the kangaroo kick and hit it with aplomb, firing up the AEW World Champion. White was soon back in control, again targeting MJF’s leg. The crowd rallied behind their scumbag as MJF hit a pop-up mule kick with his good leg, and a Panama Sunrise attempt missed and caused further damage. White with a perfect uranage for two, then dumped MJF over the top rope to the floor with a backdrop. MJF came back in with a DDT on the floor, then cleared the announcer’s desk, slamming White through it with ease - think that was a botch. MJF went up top anyway and hit a massive elbow drop to the floor, crazy spot. 

The two beat the 10 count, but MJF’s posturing gave White time to hit a nasty dragon screw, jarring MJF’s leg further. Switchblade tied MJF in the tree of woe, and as he went up top to crush his leg MJF caught him in a desperation throw to the mat. White recovered to flatten MJF with a high angle top rope uranage for two, then brought him to his feet to deliver some chops. MJF escaped a Blade Runner attempt to hit a roaring elbow, but ate a release German suplex for his troubles. Second Blade Runner attemp thwarted, and MJF hit a sick looking Tombstone piledriver, but at a massive cost. Cole cheered his tag partner on, but a Heatseeker attempt was scouted by White who launched the champ across the ring. With White on the apron, MJF ran and cleared the rope, catching White with a Diamond Cutter to the floor. Friedman unsheathed his knee but collapsed, as Doc Samson checked on the champ.MJF vowed to fight on but caught a Dragon Screw for his troubles, with White locking in a Figure Four leg lock and spitting at Cole. Cole was ready to throw the towel in but was conflicted, as White continued with the hold in the middle of the ring. MJF eventually rolled and reversed the pressure of the hold, with White eventually getting the rope. 

Cole went to hit White with the ROH Tag Title, but White caught it and clocked MJF… but could only get a two count. With MJF in the ropes, White pulled on his leg, but was kicked into the ref who went flying. Cole smiled and unearthed the Dynamite Diamond Ring, but White wrenched MJF’s knee and grabbed the ring for himself, but MJF hit ‘Switchblade’ right in the yambag. MJF regained the ring and laid out The Gunns who were advancing, then cracked White after avoiding Blade Runner. 123, MJF retains, and handed White his first AEW singles loss in the process.

MJF finally got his hands back on his beloved Triple B, and celebrated with Cole in the ring as the pair held the title aloft. 

AEW Full Gear 2023 Results:

  • MJF (c) def. Jay White - AEW World Championship
  • The Golden Jets def. The Young Bucks
  • Swerve Strickland def. Hangman Page - Texas Death Match
  • Julia Hart  def. Kris Statlander (c) &. Skye Blue - TBS Championship
  • Ricky Starks & Big Bill (c) def. FTR, The Kings of the Black Throne, & LFI AEW World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match
  • Toni Storm def. Hikaru Shida (c) - AEW Women’s World Championship
  • Orange Cassidy (c) def. Jon Moxley - AEW International Championship
  • Sting, Darby Allin, & Adam Copeland def. Christian Cage, Luchasaurus, & Nick Wayne
  • MJF & Samoa Joe (c) def. The Gunns - ROH World Tag Team Championships - Zero Hour pre-show
  • Claudio Castagnoli def. Buddy Matthews - Zero Hour pre-show
  • Eddie Kingston (c) def. Jay Lethal - ROH World Championship - Zero Hour pre-show

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