AEW’s 2point0 Comment On WWE NXT 2.0 Relaunch

The former Ever-Rise have had their say

NXT 2.0 has had a shaky start to life, dividing fan opinion left right and centre. But when asked about the new product, AEW’s 2point0 have seemingly given it the thumbs up.

Formerly known as Ever-Rise in NXT, Jeff Parker and Matt Lee were asked their thoughts on the new NXT saying on AdFreeShows: 

“I watched it. I liked it. I enjoyed the new presentation, it was cool seeing new faces. I’m happy for those guys,” started Matt Lee.

“Change is always weird, right?” Added Jeff Parker “Especially when so you’re familiar with something and you like something. When it changes, it’s not always for you or the person, as a fan, it might not always be the best, but maybe it’ll work out, maybe it won’t. We don’t know yet. You do always have to try something different, sometimes, and this is what we’re getting. You look at the crop of new people coming through, they’re taking people from the PC and just throwing them in the deep end, sink or swim.”

Lee continued, “WCW used to do that, the classic Nitro entrance and then 99, they switch it. They’re getting their ass beat and did a whole entire makeover and started pushing younger talent. This is what companies do.”

Asked whether they were aware of the rebrand during their time in NXT, Lee added the following:

“It felt like something was happening. I remember in, I want to say March, they had us all take pictures and they took our weight and they made it sound like it was for licensing or something. Something seemed off. It felt like we were at the meat market.”

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