AEW's Bobby Fish Reveals He Was Initially Worried About The 'Undisputed ERA' Name

Initially cold on the name

During their time on WWE NXT, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly were part of one of the most successful WWE factions in recent memory with Adam Cole and Roderick Strong in the Undisputed ERA. 

Speaking about the stable on Talk Is Jericho, Fish and O'Reilly revealed it was difficult to come up with a name initially as many of their suggestions were rejected by WWE's legal team. 

"We thought of a ton, ones that they cleared through legal that I guess couldn't actually end up being (used)," O'Reilly said. 

Fish also noted: "We would narrow down this huge list and the following day we would get back more narrowed lists from legal and any of the names we were actually close on, they were either gone or changed or paired with something on the list that made it not work."  

O'Reilly then noted he, Fish and Cole weren't originally thrilled with the 'Undisputed ERA' name, and Fish, in particular, was worried about comparisons to baseball's earned run average statistic. 

"So lukewarm. I was worried about baseball references. ERA, earned run average. That's all I could see. I was the worst baseball player ever. In the history of little league, I will go down as maybe the worst," Fish added.

Undisputed ERA would remain together as a faction from 2017 until their split in early 2021. Cole, O'Reilly and Fish have since reunited in All Elite Wrestling while Roderick Strong is the leader of Diamond Mine on WWE NXT. 

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