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Matt Hardy: Me & Christian Cage Were Underrated In WWE

Overshadowed by Edge and Jeff Hardy

While Matt Hardy and Christian Cage achieved success during their WWE careers, their achievements were ultimately overshadowed by Jeff Hardy and Edge, with The Charismatic Enigma and WWE Hall Of Famer having enjoyed 14 reigns as a world champion in the company compared to Matt and Christian's five. 

Matt reflected on this on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast while discussing the Hardy Boyz' early success and the former Broken One admitted he believes he and Christian didn't get the credit they deserve from Vince McMahon. 

"We were at the point where the Hardy's became super popular and we did so well. In the year 2000, we sold the most merchandise of any tag team in the history of WWE. Which is amazing and it is so cool that we were able to achieve that level of success. But as time went on, and obviously Jeff was like the standout guy," Matt began.

"And Vince always chose Jeff over Matt in The Hardy Boyz, when it came to Edge and Christian, he always chose Edge over Christian. That's something myself and Christian always have in common, we were a little underrated. We never got all the credit we deserved sometimes, in his eye."

Both Matt and Christian are members of the All Elite Wrestling roster and they had a singles feud in 2021. Both are also currently connected on TV because of the recent Jurassic Express vs. Private Party rivalry over the AEW World Tag Team Title. 

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