AEW's CM Punk Not A Fan Of Wrestlers' Court

Punk was responding to a fan on Twitter.

CM Punk has shared his opinion of wrestlers' court on Twitter, and certainly didn't mince his words:

"Wrestler court was the most insecure small dick energy average white man embarrassment to the wrestling business s*** of all time."

Stories have long existed among wrestling fans regarding "wrestlers' court" - the staging of mock trials backstage in WWE, in order to dish out justice to those perceived to have broken locker room etiquette. Undertaker has often been cited as the "judge", with JBL acting as chief "prosecutor".

Many well known figures including The Miz, Edge, Christian and the Hardy Boyz have been the subject of rumours and stories regarding wrestlers' court.

Punk's post came about as a result of an exchange that began with his own tweet to AEW World Champion 'Hangman' Adam Page, asking to borrow a pair of chaps. A fan using the handle @skeach101 replied "You're gonna land yourself in wrestler's court for stealing his gimmick", which prompted Punk's take on the controversial backstage phenomenon. 

Last year, Punk made his long-awaited return to wrestling as part of AEW, and is currently feuding with MJF. At the time of writing, MJF has yet to chime in on Punk's tweet. 

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