AEW's Cody Rhodes: "I've Got The Body Of A 50-Year-Old"

The American Nightmare is banged up

15 years in the ring has taken its toll on Cody Rhodes' body. 

The American Nightmare discussed what a typical day of eating looks like for him during an interview with GQ and Rhodes revealed that his pelvis is out of line and he has herniations in his back, giving him the body of a 50-year-old.

"A big thing as a wrestler is you have to allow yourself the time where you're not just jamming a protein bar into your mouth on the way to the gym. As soon as I'm up, I always eat breakfast. I'm an egg whites guy. Basic, dry wheat toast guy. I don't really have any breakfast meat because of the sodium and added salt. And then after breakfast we hit the gym," Rhodes stated.

"As you mentioned, I've been on the road and doing this since I was 20. I'm 35 now and that means I've got the body of a 50-year-old. My pelvis is out of line, I have a few herniations in my back. So when it comes to workouts, typically that means a little bit of HIIT training, but more than likely it's going to be one big principle lift-squat, bench, or deadlift - and then it's going to be two monster sets with three sets," he continued.

"So three different exercises, three sets. It's not going to feel like I did a whole lot outside of that principle exercise. Then it'll just be the elliptical for 14 minutes. 40 seconds moderate, 20 seconds sprint. That's been my go-to workout throughout the pandemic on a workday. Then I come into my office and it's all day. As soon as I shut the door, there's a knock."

Rhodes isn't the only AEW wrestler banged up at the moment. Kenny Omega is currently dealing with multiple injuries and he recently revealed he sometimes wakes up and considers retirement. 

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