AEW’s Daniel Garcia Wants Dream Match With Bryan Danielson

Red Death vs. The American Dragon? Yes please

Since rising to prominence on the indie scene before officially joining AEW last week, Daniel Garcia has been referred to by some as ‘the next Bryan Danielson’, and according to Garcia himself, a match with Danielson is his dream.

With the two both part of the AEW roster a matchup seems almost inevitable, with Garcia saying the following to Jon Alba on One-On-One:

“He’s maybe my favourite wrestler of all-time, at least top three. He’s somebody who I’ve studied for years, even before I knew that I was studying wrestling, just by watching him. I would pick up little nuances that he does. I feel like our wrestling styles aren’t as similar as some people like to say they are, but I feel like our… the little things that we do, are a lot more similar than a lot of people would like to notice.”

Garcia went on to explain how he always knew what style of wrestling he wanted to excel in:

“I always knew I wanted to be a fundamental, simple professional wrestler. Whenever I would create my guys on the video games, they would always have submission finishers. I think one year my finisher was an elbow drop, not even like a cool Shawn Michaels elbow drop. Just a regular elbow drop. So I always knew I wanted to be like a meat and potatoes, grind you down type of wrestler. Whenever I envisioned myself wrestling, that’s always what I thought I would be. It’s just what personally draws me to wrestling. I like seeing people struggle, I like seeing people show emotions of pain and fighting through adversity. And that’s my favourite thing to see in professional wrestling.

“I feel like you see a lot of technical wrestlers and a lot of meat and potato wrestlers on TV when you grow up, and they’re all presented in a very specific way. And they’re all kind of portrayed the same. And I wanted to portray that in a different way. In a more way that’s personable to a wider audience, and something that’s not so robotic. Something that feels very real, and just happens to be a technical wrestler."

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