AEW's Joey Janela Out With A Concussion

The Bad Boy remains on the sidelines

All Elite Wrestling's Joey Janela announced in early June that he was dealing with an injury and would be unable to compete at multiple Game Changer Wrestling shows. The Bad Boy also hasn't stepped inside an AEW ring since the May 28 episode of Dynamite when he was pinned by Hangman Page. 

Janela has now revealed on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast that he is dealing with a concussion. He will be returning to the ring soon, though. 

"I'll be coming back soon," Janela said. "I'm dealing with an injury right now, a little concussion deal. Sh*t happens, everyone knows that, it's wrestling. All sports, everyone gets concussions. I'll be cleared from that in the coming weeks, maybe the coming weekend. I'll be good and hopefully doing AEW stuff soon. Things were about to pick up for me right before [the concussion]."

Janela's next match is currently set for GCW Homecoming Part 2 on July 25. He will face Atticus Cogar. When The Bad Boy will next wrestle in AEW remains to be seen. 

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