AEW's Jon Moxley: Vince McMahon Hated The Shield Masks

McMahon wasn't a fan

While The Shield could be easily identified from their SWAT vets and black combat trousers, the faction briefly incorporated masks into their gear for WrestleMania 30. 

The masks were short-lived, though, and Moxley revealed on Talk Is Jericho that Vince McMahon hated them because it stopped him from seeing The Shield's faces. 

Speaking about getting pictures for his book, MOX, the former AEW World Champion said: "Getting a picture of The Shield was hard. We had a few photographers who had pictures of The Shield that they owned. I was looking for that one definitive picture and I just couldn't find it. I was like, 'screw it, if we can't find an acceptable picture, everyone reading this book knows what The Shield looks like. They know what Roman Reigns looks like. We don't need to show them a picture. Screw it, we'll go in the opposite direction. We won't have a picture of The Shield.'

"I found the one old SWAT vest I had and a pair of boots and The Shield mask that we wore for big shows that Vince hated, even though we would have sold millions of them. We had these cool Sub-Zero ninja masks. We busted them out for WrestleMania. The next night, Vince was furious, 'WE CAN'T SEE YOUR FACES! GET RID OF THE MASKS!' The merchandise guys were mortified. They were already coming up with designs. 'We're going to sell millions of these.' 'No, you can't see their faces.' We did it in Australia again, just to p*ss him off, we didn't tell him. They got p*ssed again. They hated those masks."

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