AEW’s MJF Would Consider Adding Britt Baker To The Pinnacle

DMD and MJF in The Pinnacle? Never say never

During MJF’s war of words with CM Punk, Britt Baker’s name has cropped up a few times, with the AEW Women’s Champion called the true fourth pillar of AEW by Punk, whilst MJF accused Punk of ‘trying to get into Baker’s pants’.

However, despite his shot at Baker, MJF is a fan of Baker, and in conversation with Josh Martinez of Z100 admitted that he would consider adding Baker to The Pinnacle:

"We’re cool, man. The only person I would even consider adding to The Pinnacle is Britt Baker, and that's it. She's the only person that, in my opinion, would fit the crew. Me and Britt, we go way back. We're great friends. But no, we don't need anybody else. The Pinnacle is set. We have FTR, the best tag team in the world. We have Wardlow, who is easily the best big man in the world. We have Shawn Spears, who is easily one of the best technical wrestlers in the world, and we have MJF who's the best at everything in the world point blank, period. We don't need anybody's help. We're good.”

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