AEW’s Paul Wight: CM Punk & Bryan Danielson Want To Make The Business Better

Punk and Danielson’s arrivals have created waves in the wrestling world

The wrestling world was still reverberating from CM Punk’s AEW arrival when Bryan Danielson showed up at All Out, with fans and wrestlers alike excited for this new chapter for AEW.

AEW’s Paul Wight is one of those excited by the arrival of the former World champions, and told Adam’s Apple how both Punk and Danielson want to make the pro wrestling business better:

“I mean, CM Punk was probably one of the best ever on the microphone. Punk’s got a lot of different styles, too,” Paul said. “He was always a guy that started slow and then, by the end of his match with the false finishes and the way he put it together, you didn’t know who was going to win. Punk does things really, really old school which kind of makes it unique and brand new.

“Daniel Bryan/Bryan Danielson is a guy that just comes with a lot of positive energy. There’s a lot of wrestling backstory, and he’s a fan of the New Japan stuff, and the lucha libre stuff, so Bryan has a very eclectic conglomeration of tastes and experience he brings. And both those guys are guys that want to help the business get better.”

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