AEW's Paul Wight Describes Scotch Egg As 'Exotic', Hates Irn Bru

Paul Wight had a spiritual journey when eating British snacks

Paul Wight and Saraya recently appeared on LADBible’s Snack Wars, pitting together UK and US snacks and deciding which were better. There were several interesting revelations that simply need to be discussed. 

Amongst the wars were *checks notes* Dr. Pepper Cotton Candy (what?) going up against Percy Pig. Wight was clearly nervous about the cotton candy, with this sparking him to sweat profusely before nearly throwing up as he ate it. Percy Pigs were a unanimous winner, though we could have told you that before they even ate them. 

One product Wight did have a major problem with was Irn Bru, spewing up in his own mouth a little after tasting it. However, he did continue drinking it out of sheer disbelief at how bad it was. Wonderful logic of course. Reports indicate that he is now number one most wanted at Scotland Yard. BUT WAIT - there was a plot twist as Wight’s continued sips led to him admitting that it was growing on him, and he ended up selecting that over root beer. 

Wight later made some suggestive and orgasmic sounds upon eating a scotch egg, and even describes it as having an “exotic taste”. To cap things off, Wight tried two pot noodle flavours to varying levels of success.

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