AEW’s Sammy Guevara Reflects On Past Comments About Sasha Banks

Guevara’s comments led to a suspension by AEW

In 2020 in the wake of the ‘Speaking Out’ movement, past comments from AEW’s Sammy Guevara surfaced, where the Inner Circle member made derogatory comments about WWE’s Sasha Banks. Guevara received widespread condemnation for his actions and was punished by AEW as a result.

Now, Guevara has reflected upon those comments and the fallout from them, saying to Inside the Ropes:

“100 percent man. I mean the Sasha [Banks] stuff, those were just bad comments on my end from years ago,” said Guevara “Just immaturity and I’ve grown since then and that was my whole thing too last year when I did the sensitivity training, it’s like I don’t know everything and I’m not gonna pretend like I do so when they said to do this training, I was like, ‘You know what? Let me look at it from the like the silver lining stuff.’ It’s like I can actually learn some stuff probably from this and I did learn some stuff man. That’s what life’s about, you know?

“Nobody’s perfect, we’re human and human means we make mistakes and so, I feel like when you make mistakes, it’s just important to try to learn, grow and go on, because life’s just gonna keep going and so, [Chris] Jericho’s the man though. He helped me a bunch during that whole time and all the controversies that are happening throughout my time and that’s the thing, all these wrestling sites, all these dirt sheets, they’re gonna have fun with me over the years man because I’m gonna be here for a long time and I intend to make a lot more news. Good, bad, whatever, you know? I just know I’m gonna be in the news regardless and they say no press is bad press, you know?”

Guevara was suspended without pay by AEW and attended sensitivity training when his comments came to light, and even Sasha Banks herself spoke with Guevara about the incident:

“And that’s the thing, such respect to her, because I never even talked to her before and that’s like the first time,” Guevara said “Unfortunate circumstances and she could have buried me or whatever and she was hearing me out and we came to — we had a civil discussion and so I have nothing but respect to her. She’s killing it right now, had a great match at Mania. Nothing but to best to her.”

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