AEW's Serena Deeb: The Younger Generation Are Entitled & Complain

Aggressive Deeb

Serena Deeb doesn't appear to be a fan of her peers, noting to Jonathan Hood on Tuesday Wrestling Tuesday that she thinks the younger generation of women's wrestlers are "entitled" and "complain."

"Honestly, a lot of what's coming out of me right now, character-wise and personality-wise, is real. I spent a few years coaching, a lot of positives for that chapter, a lot of gratitude, but there was a lot of BS and dealing with difficult personalities. This younger generation, they are entitled and they complain," Deeb began.

"A lot of my content right now is very real, it's real emotion coming out. You guys don't even know...I'm not saying this with bitterness, at all, I'm very proud of my journey and grateful for the struggles that I went through. I'm saying this like, you don't know what it was like to come up in 2005, 2006, 2007. How hard it was for women, the pressures that were put on women and how good that women have it today and they still complain. A lot of that coming out of me right now is real stuff."

Deeb currently performs in All Elite Wrestling and she turned heel in 2021, billing herself as 'The Woman Of A Thousand Holds' and competing with renewed aggression. She has spent the past few months feuding with Hikaru Shida and she laid out the former AEW Women's World Champion on January 12, tying their head-to-head record at 2-2. 

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