AEW Told Kris Statlander She Would Never Join Best Friends On TV

"It was just something that wasn't wanted for TV"

After 10 months on the shelf, Kris Statlander returned to AEW during the Arcade Anarchy match and aligned herself with Best Friends. 

Statlander appeared in skits on Being The Elite with Orange Cassidy before her injury, but AEW previously told The Galaxy's Greatest Alien that the partnership would never be used on TV "because of personal reasons", she revealed on the AEW Unrestricted Podcast

"I feel like the whole, me and Orange Cassidy type of thing has been, we've talked about doing this since before both of us were signed with AEW where we had done a mixed tag team match together. We had wrestled each other twice actually. Our characters are so similar, and compliment each other so well, that it had to come to fruition at some point," Statlander said.

"When I first got signed, we were doing a whole lot of skits on BTE. We were told it would never happen on TV. This is going to stay on BTE because of personal reasons. Not our reasons, but, it was just something that wasn't wanted for TV. Then, the fact that how we made me join them and it becoming my actual return, it's still incredibly mind-blowing to me. How often do you see a woman wrestler return in the men's main event gimmick match to team up with them and save them? When does that happen, ever? It never does," she added.  

"It was a huge moment for me, but I didn't realise it. I thought I was just doing a goofy-ass spot right here, but it was to make amends with friends that I haven't been here for this whole time. I think it was really cool how it all actually happened, and the fact that it is actually happening now. I feel like now that it is being seen what we are doing, it's like, why haven't we been doing this all along?"

Since making her return, Statlander has picked up three wins across Dynamite and Dark and has been accompanied to the ring by The King Of Sloth Style. 

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