AEW Wrestler Makes AAA Debut

An AEW wrestler showed up at a AAA event last night

The relationship between AEW and AAA has been up in the air in recent months due to the development of a relationship between AEW and CMLL, and previous reported heat between the two sides over the booking of Dragon Lee’s match with FTR, prior to Lee joining WWE. However, this hasn’t stopped an AEW wrestler making their debut with AAA, who made a surprise and unannounced appearance last night. 

After Octagon Jr successfully defended his AAA Latin American Championship (formerly held by AEW’s QT Marshall) against Mecha Wolf, AEW’s Parker Boudreaux ran from the back and attacked both champion and challenger. A beatdown ensued until El Mesías made the save. 

Bourdreaux has not been seen in AEW in any capacity since March 2023, when he was written off TV in an attack from Keith Lee. He was previously a member of Swerve Strickland’s Mogul Affiliates, before the group merged with The Embassy. Boudreaux hasn’t wrestled in a match inside or outside of AEW for a whole year. It isn’t currently known if Boudreaux’s time in AAA will be extensive, with no news or reports on his status as of yet.

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Written by Andrew Kelly