AEW X NJPW Forbidden Door II Results

Every result from AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II

One year on from what many considered the best PPV event of 2022 the Forbidden Door opened once again, with the second AEW x NJPW super-show pulling out all the stops in Toronto, Canada.

Although Adam Cole vs. ‘Filthy’ Tom Lawlor was cancelled due to illness to Cole, Forbidden Door II was still a hefty card that featured all matter of surprises, and jaw dropping action.

Mogul Embassy (Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage, & Gates of Agony) def. CHAOS (Rocky Romero & Best Friends) & El Desperado - ZERO HOUR

The announce team of Excalibur, Kevin Kelly, and Chris Charlton on comms for the Zero Hour pre-show, as the combined AEW/ROH team of the Mogul Embassy clashed with the combined AEW/NJPW team of CHAOS and El Desperado.

Quick tags by Roppongi Vice and Best Friends to start, taking out The Gates of Agony with relative ease. With all four Embassy members on the floor Romero, Desperado, Chuckie T, and Trent hit a train of dives to confirm their dominance on the match. The ROH World Six-Man Champions soon came into the bout, isolating Beretta and nailing him with every move in their arsenal, including a mean apron Death Valley Driver from Brian Cage. Trent wriggled free for a hot tag but his corner was wiped out, but Trent eventually tagged Desperado in who levelled Swerve with a crisp spinebuster for two.

CHAOS regrouped and pulled Desperado in for a big group hug, but this only allowed The Embassy back into the bout, nailing Desperado with a three man powerbomb and a House Call for two, with Romero making the save. All eight men ran wild with statement moves, and a malfunction in the junction saw Cage take out Strickland, allowing Best Friends to hit Strong Zero for two, with Kaun making the save this time. Swerve and Cage got back on the same page to double team Romero, with Strickland getting the win after a big top rope double stomp.

Athena def. Billie Starkz - Women's Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal - ZERO HOUR

ROH Women’s Champ Athena went for the Code of Honor in order to land a sneak attack, but Starkz had it scouted, nailing Athena with some hard strikes to get first blood in the bout. Starkz continued to keep the champ on the backfoot, with Athena having to slam the teenage sensation’s head into the turnbuckles to get into the match.

Athena went into cruise control, showboating as she had Starkz reeling, however an O-Face attempt was countered, Starkz following up with a Death Valley Bomb for a close two. Starkz went up top but this gave Athena time to regroup and drop her onto the top, Athena following up with an avalanche Frankensteiner, then a pop-up powerbomb and a headkick, but could only get a two. Duelling chants erupted as the two competitors exchanged dropkicks. Starkz went up top again, but ate apron as she missed a senton onto the edge of the ring. Athena capitalised with an fireman’s carry dropped into a boot for the win and a spot in the Semis of the Owen Hart Tournament where she will face Willow Nightingale.

El Phantasmo def. Stu Grayson - ZERO HOUR

A loud Canadian reaction for El Phantasmo, as the former Bullet Club hellraiser went toe-to-toe with fellow countryman Grayson, now with The Righteous in ROH. Grayson started aggressively, with his new found mean streak helping him keep El P on the backfoot. First chop battle of the night devolved into a hockey fight and a purple nurple from El P, but a stiff knee took Phantasmo out of the ring. El P regrouped and cut Grayson back with a tope suicida, into a lovely springboard Senton into Lionsault combo. Grayson went up top but El P met him with a super Frankensteiner into Thunder Kiss 86 for two and three-quarters as Stu kicked out at the very last second. 450 by Grayson also got a nearfall, but a follow-up Nightfall attempt was scouted as Phantasmo hit a beautiful Jody Fleisch tornado DDT and then a CR2 for the win.

LIJ (Shingo Takagi, BUSHI, & Hiromu Takahashi) def. United Empire (Jeff Cobb, Kyle Fletcher, & TJP) - ZERO HOUR

UE wasted no time in jumping LIJ as they were entering the ring, but it barely slowed BUSHI down as he dispatched Fletcher and TJP with ease. This advantage did not last long as Jeff Cobb tripped BUSHI, allowing TJP to assert control for The Empire. The crowd came alive as Hiromu Takahashi finally made his AEW debut, a year after missing Forbidden Door I, ‘The Ticking Timebomb’ running wild one UE before being levelled by Cobb who turned a hurricanrana attempt into a dead-lift overhead belly-to-belly. Shingo and Fletcher then tagged in as the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion absorbed a dragon suplex from the recent AEW signee before being felled by a thrust kick.

Quick tags and even quicker action as the United Empire sought to overwhelm LIJ, but LIJ regrouped to tripleteam TJP, with Hiromu and BUSHI levelling Cobb and Fletcher on the floor as Shingo looked to get the win. Delayed Made in Japan from Shingo sealed the win for LIJ. You can bet Will Ospreay was watching this intently from the back…

MJF (c) def. Hiroshi Tanahashi - AEW World Championship

Taz replaced Charlton on comms as the main card kicked off with AEW World Champion MJF reluctantly putting his title on the line against Hiroshi Tanahashi. MJF fired the first shot with his entrance robe, with ‘NEW JAPAN IS AN INDIE’ emblazoned on his back. As the bell rang MJF mocked Tanahashi’s air guitar skills, as loud duelling chants rang throughout the Scotiabank Arena. Tanahashi barged MJF down and out to the floor, with MJF beating a retreat until a Tanahashi led ‘COWARD’ chant forced the champ back into the ring.

MJF tried to cheat his way into the bout but got jaw-jacked by ‘The Ace’, with MJF getting into the bout by dropping Tanahashi into the turnbuckles. MJF took a subtle shot at NJPW with a Inoki-esque abdominal stretch - with added rope leverage - until ref Bryce Remsburg reminded the champ who was in charge. Vntage Tanahashi as he wore down MJF and hit a Bret’s rope senton, and a diving crossbody. Shades of Ric Flair as MJF was launched from the top rope, and a follow-up Slingblade got a two for ‘The Ace’.

MJF found himself on top of the match, and took the opportunity to mock Tanahashi and call him a joke after spitting in his face and mockingly kicking his head. Loud ‘GO ACE’ chants as Tanahashi got to his feet and fired up, but MJF simply poked him in the eye. Textbook Dragon Screw took MJF down, and a follow-up Cloverleaf had the champ reeling, but MJF made it to the ropes. A second Slingblade had MJF flat out, but the High Fly Flow was scouted by MJF who got his knees up, but at a cost.

MJF was reeling holding his knee, but Tanahashi was down with sore ribs as the crowd firmly got behind the legendary multi-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion. MJF grabbed the Triple B, but the ref confiscated it, as Tanahashi rolled up the champ, but by the time the ref realised MJF had the nouse to kick out at two. Tanahashi remonstrated at Remsburg for his slack officiating, but this allowed MJF to knock the two together, as he decked Tanahashi with the Dynamite Diamond Ring to get the three count.

CM Punk def. Satoshi Kojima - Men's Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal

An ovation for Kojima as the former multi-time world champion - and everyone’s favourite bread enthusiast - made his first AEW appearance of 2023. Different story for Punk, as loud boos greeted Punk once more, just like they did on Collision. No ‘clobbering time’ call as Punk accepted the mixed greeting from the Canadian faithful.

Kojima was in no mood to play, using his superior strength to knock Punk down before treating the crowd to a pec dance. Punk was soundly booed as he mockingly performed his own pec dance - what a sport wrestling is - as the action spilled to the floor. Kojima chopped Punk over the barricade into Dasha Fuentes near the timekeeper’s table. Punk fought back to hit a Hogan leg drop in the middle of the ring, and followed up with some old-skool corner 10 punches as the boos continued to ring out. Punk mockingly called out Kojima’s name as he hit mocking multiple lariats in the corner, then a Tenzan Mongolian chop in the opposite corner. Kojima regrouped to light Punk up with machine guns chops, and a huge top rope elbow for a two count, with Kojima catching Punk in the ‘yam bag’ as Taz would say. 

Big DDT had Punk laid out, but a Koji Cutter attempt was thwarted, as Punk hit an elbow drop of his own for two before transitioning into the Anaconda Vice. Loud ‘PEPSI SUCKS’ chants as Punk motioned for the GTS, but Kojima fired back with some Tenzan Mongolian chops of his own and a Koji Cutter. Cozy Lariat attempt was scouted by Punk who hit a crisp swinging neckbreaker for two as Punk’s fans chanted his name… only to be drowned out by boos for the other 90% of the audience in attendance. Punk hoisted Kojima up for the GTS but Kojima caught Punk’s knee and landed a brainbuster for two. Punk scouted a second Cozy Lariat attempt to hit a standing head kick and the Go To Sleep for the win. Punk raised Kojima’s hand and bowed to the Japanese legend before heading to the back.

Orange Cassidy (c) def. Zack Sabre Jr, Katsuyori Shibata, & Daniel Garcia - AEW International Championship

A year on from it’s establishment, the former All-Atlantic Championship once again found itself fought over in four-way action. Daniel Garcia was the only man to not walk into the match with a championship of his own, as PURE Champion Shibata and NJPW World Television Champion ZSJ were looking to become double champs.

Cassidy started with Sloth Style kicks on his competitors to start off, but was soon targeted as everyone tried to tie the champ up in knots. Shibata and ZSJ had a forearm battle as Garcia tried to muscle in, with the JAS’ number one dancer eating his fair share of forearms as Shibata and ZSJ teed off on one another. Four way big boot fight ended up with all four men on the deck. Shibata and ZSJ kept making beelines for each other, but Garcia and Cassidy came in as everyone exchanged suplexes, before Cassidy got a two on Garcia after a Stundog Millionaire and a Tornado DDT.

ZSJ had Cassidy screaming as he targeted his injured right hand, as Garcia came close to a win after clocking Shibata with the PURE Championship - all legal under four-way rules. Shibata absorbed strikes from Garcia before laying into the PWG World Champion with some stiff forearms and a textbook pinpoint corner dropkick. Old friends Cassidy and Shibata sat down opposite each other for a slap fight in the middle of the ring, before Cassidy hit an Orange Punch, doing further damage to his hand in the process. Beach Break from Orange got a two, as ZSJ came in with some hard stomps to OC’s hand and elbow. Joint manipulation by ZSJ as he countered everything OC and Garcia threw at him. Shibata came in with kicks to ZSJ’s head, but The PK was countered as two of the best of modern times performed some gorgeous chain counter wrestling.

Garcia came in to take his shot with a pitch perfect piledriver on ZSJ, but Shibata levelled him with a PK. As ‘The Wrestler’ went for the win, OC ran in to throw him out and capitalise with the pin and successful defence over Garcia. Post-match, ZSJ handed OC his title and told him he was lucky, before exchanging words with Shibata. Looks like these three aren’t finished with each other yet.

SANADA (c) def. Jack Perry - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship

Loud chants for Red Shoes who was officiating this one, as SANADA put the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship on the line, with DOUKI and HOOK at ringside.

Quick Snaretrap attempt locked in by Perry, but SANADA quickly made the ropes. Tope attempt by the champ was scouted, allowing Perry to hit a tope suicida to gain a foothold in the bout. SANADA went for an early Paradise Lock attempt but Perry fought out and went for one of his own - to no avail. SANADA locked Perry in and proceeded to nail a dropkick on Jungle Boy for two as Taz lambasted the champ for cockiness on comms. Strike exchanges before Perry nailed a Tiger Driver for two, then more strikes with both men fighting their way to their feet and exchanging some stiff chops.

Counter wrestling exchanges saw Perry lock in a Skull End on SANADA, but the champ made the ropes as a dishonourable loss to his own move was on the cards. Big TKO by SANADA got a two, but a follow-up moonsault missed, and a Skull End attempt was countered into a poison Frankensteiner. Another Skull End attempt was countered, but SANADA fought back with poison Frankensteiner of his own and a Shining Wizard for two. More shades of Keiji Mutoh as Sanada hit the quick rib-breaker and the moonsault press for the win.

Post-match HOOK helped Perry up the ramp and raised Jungle Boy’s hand, but Perry snapped and levelled HOOK with a meaty clothesline to a chorus of boos, then dropped to his knees and mocked the braying crowd, before throwing the FTW Title at the downed HOOK. 

The Elite (Hangman Page, The Young Bucks), Eddie Kingston, & Tomohiro Ishii def. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, Claudio Castagnoli), Konosuke Takeshita, & Shota Umino

Tony Schiavone joined comms as Taz went to the back to check on HOOK. After the reception Punk received earlier, it was no surprise to see The Elite get a raucous reaction from the Toronto crowd. The BCC, Shota, and Takeshita made their way through the crowd, as is tradition.

Kingston and Claudio looked to start, but Claudio tagged Shota Umino straight away, as Kingston brought in the Hangman. Shota displayed some cockiness but soon got booted down by Hangman, before the combined force of Hangman and Ishii took ‘Shooter’ down. Loud boos as Takeshita tagged in as Konosuke and Ishii went back-and-forth with rapid fire elbows, and an exchange of running shoulder barges until both men went down. Noticeable boos as The Young Bucks tagged in to double team The BCC, the the crowd came alive as Kingston and Jon Moxley found themselves face-to-face in the ring. Mox elbowed his former friend, but this only fired up ‘The Mad King’ as a chop battle broke out as a massive show of bravado. Things quickly broke down into a ten-man in-ring brawl, but still Mox and Kingston continued, The Bucks and Hangman flying to the outside as chaos erupted at ringside. Castagnoli eventually cheapshot Eddie with a European Uppercut, before officially tagging in to attack his long-time rival. 

Yuta and Claudio worked over Kingston, but Moxley declined an opening to cheapshot Eddie, as Takeshita made his way back into the match. Stiff elbow from Takeshita absolutely floored ‘The Stone Pitbull’, as The BCC team effectively took control of the match. Shota Umino showed some BCC aggression as he repeatedly kicked a downed Kingston, before Claudio ran wild on Kingston once more with a series of aggressive European Uppercuts. Mox cut off a potential hot tag to Nick Jackson, before getting in Kingston’s face and resuming their chop battle, ending it with a double clothesline. Kingston finally tagged out as Ishii came in, ram-raiding The BCC and dropping Claudio with a Brainbuster. Shota and Takeshita double-teamed Ishii, but an attempt at teamwork from Death Riders Mox and ‘Shooter’ was scouted by Ishii who brought Hangman into the fray. 

Loud ‘COWBOY S***’ chants as Hangman crushed the opposition, taking out The BCC all over the ringside area, and nailing Takeshita with a beautiful running Shooting Star Press off the apron before taking it into the ring with a form of a diving clothesline for two. BTE Trigger by The Bucks missed, allowing Takeshita to hit an incredible double German suplex on The Bucks. The Bucks regrouped to throw a Superkick party, but when they went for Moxley Kingston spared his friend and took a pair of kicks to the melon, as Mox levelled The Bucks, as Takeshita got a nearfall from a Blue Thunder Bomb on Matt Jackson.

The BCC regrouped to decimate Matt Jackson, as a tandem Death Riders Heart Attack lead into a Kings of Wrestling Big Swing/Dropkick combo by Claudio and Yuta for two. The attack on Matt Jackson continued, until Nick Jackson and Hangman settled things and allowed Ishii back in with Yuta who hit a nice superplex for two. Things broke down into chaos once more, and as bodies were strewn all over the ringside area Hangman went for the Buckshot, but Yuta scouted it into a German Suplex, however Ishii was on hand to hit the Sheerdrop Brainbuster on Yuta for the win.

The BCC regrouped on the floor as Takeshita walked off on his own, before an emotional Kingston argued with The Young Bucks at ringside.

Toni Storm (c) def. Willow Nightingale - AEW Women's World Championship

Willow had the support of Toronto behind her as she went solo against an Outcasts flanked Toni Storm. Nightingale started strongly, countering Storm’s offence before using her power advantage to send the AEW Women’s World Champion reeling. ‘The Babe with the Power’ then rolled out to confront Saraya and Ruby Soho, clattering the pair and inadvertently allowing Storm back into the match. Ruby and Saraya attacked Willow and Storm followed up, roughing up the NJPW STRONG Women’s Champion and rolling her back into the ring.

Whenever the ref was distracted Saraya and Soho would pounce, and Storm looked to wear down the challenger with a Full Nelson, but Willow eventually fired back to level the champ, and nailed some big kicks and an apron DVD to level Storm. Running Spicolli Driver by Willow in-ring got a nearfall, before referee Stephon Smith finally got onto The Outcasts’ shenanigans and banished Saraya and Ruby to the backstage area. Bret’s Rope Moonsault by Willow but no-one was home, as a bleeding Storm capitalised with a hip attack and a DDT for two. Mocking kicks by Storm only served to fire Willow up, with Willow hitting a Spinebuster into an Indian Deathlock. Storm eventually bit her way out of the deathlock, but a second hip attack attempt was met with a Pounce by Willow. 

Straps down as Willow went for a corner attack, but Storm pulled the ref in the way, then got an eye-gouge into a quick Storm Zero piledriver for the win. Backstage, Skye Blue and Britt Baker watched on from separate parts of the backstage area.

Will Ospreay def. Kenny Omega (c) - IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship

A video showing ‘violent protests in Toronto’ aired, with Will Ospreay watching a bank of CRT monitors like a Batman villain all showing his Wrestle Kingdom loss to Kenny Omega in January. Ospreay then made his way to the ring flanked by Don Callis, and two body armour sporting masked bodyguards. Huge ovation as Devil’s Sky blared out, with a focused Kenny Omega making his way to the ring as a nervous Callis hid behind his security brutes.

Huge cheers as the bell rang, the crowd were ready for this one after awe inspiring display at the Tokyo Dome in January. Hold/counter-hold wrestling to kick off, both men going toe-to-toe until Omega emerged with the first real statement of the match, until it devolved into a striking contest. Omega went for an early One Winged Angel, Ospreay for an early Oscutter, but it was another stalemate. Fireman’s roll moonsault combo by Kenny for two, then a Terminator dive attempt was thwarted by Callis to loud boos, but these gave way to cheers as Don was ejected from ringside. Ospreay capitalised, launching Kenny into the ringsteps and taking the fight to the floor. The challenger settled into the driving seat, getting a two after vertical suplex, then locking in a Cobra twist abdominal stretch as duelling chants erupted. Kenny fired back with a Kotaro Crusher as he looked to regain ground on Ospreay, but Will fired back with some hard strikes, and a Shooting Star Press onto a rope-hung Omega. Oscutter on the apron got a loud reaction, then Will repeatedly smashed Kenny’s head into the English announce table, wanting revenge after Kenny’s Shining-esque performance at Wrestle Kingdom. A bleeding Omega was driven through the top layer of the table after it was removed from the announce desk, and a focused Ospreay teed off on a wobbly legged Omega in the middle of the ring.

Ospreay licked Omega’s blood off his own bicep to cries of horror, then followed up with more strikes to the champ, folding Kenny with a rolling elbow. Gun pose and a pinpoint V Trigger by Ospreay sent a KO’d Omega onto the apron, as Ospreay did his best Shawn Michaels impersonation by flossing and wiping his nose with a Canadian flag, only to eat a big clothesline from Omega as a receipt. Omega bieled Ospreay using the flag, then hung the challenger over the top rope as the ref despaired. V Trigger into the barricade by Omega as the champ began to fire up, then Omega smashed Ospreay’s head into the steel steps, with the ‘Aerial Assassin’ getting busted open as a result. Kenny set the stairs on their side and crushed Ospreay with a stiff DDT on top of the steel.

Back in the ring, Omega peppered Will with strikes, then rolled into a cross armbreaker attempt into a triangle but Ospreay had the nous to lift Omega into a sit-out powerbomb. German Suplex exchange by the two men, and a V Trigger from Kenny was followed by a running Spanish Fly by Ospreay for a nearfall. Loud boos as Ospreay locked in a Sharpshooter in the centre of the ring, before even louder boos as he transitioned into a Crippler Crossface. Loud ‘YOU SICK F***’ chants for that one, naturally. Kawada kicks and chops from Ospreay had Omega reeling once more, but a follow-up Oscutter was met with a desperation knee to the back of the skull by Kenny. A pair of Snapdragons followed from Kenny, accompanied by a V Trigger to the back, Poison Frankensteiner and a Terry Funk piledriver for two. Another V Trigger from Kenny, but an avalanche One Winged Angel was reversed into a Cheeky Nandos as we hit the 30 minute mark.

Huge Skytwister press from the ‘Aerial Assassin’ flattened Omega, and a follow-up diving forearm was the set-up for the Hidden Blade… but it missed, as Omega hit a V Trigger only to eat a Ligerbomb from Ospreay for two. Top rope Oscutter got a nearfall, but a Stormbreaker attempt failed as Omega hit a form of a Deadeye as Don Callis made his way back to ringside. Stiff trio of knees to the jaw from Omega were dedicated to Don, but as Omega geared up for a V Trigger, Callis jumped onto the apron to protect Ospreay, but as the ref intervened Callis handed off a screwdriver to Ospreay who stabbed Omega during a One Winged Angel attempt, then followed with a Hidden Blade and a Stormbreaker… but Omega got his foot on the rope to a massive ovation. Don whispered instructions to Ospreay, who then invoked the Golden Lovers with a Kamigoye into a One Winged Angel for a one count as an incensed Omega fired back. Stiff slapfight, before Omega levelled Ospreay with a Brainbuster, then a Croyt’s Wrath for two. Another V Trigger, but Ospreay fired back with a ripcord Hidden Blade and a nasty Tiger Driver 91 for two.

Elbow pad off as Ospreay crushed Omega with the Hidden Blade, and a second Stormbreaker in the middle of the ring sealed it as Ospreay regained the IWGP United States Championship.

Sting, Darby Allin, & Tetsuya Naito def. Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, & Minoru Suzuki

KAZE NI NARE upheld as Minoru Suzuki got a King’s welcome from the crowd… as did Jericho, Sammy, Darby, Naito, and Sting who was somewhere between Joker Sting, and his own version of The Painmaker.

Naito and Guevara started off, with Sammy getting the first laugh on Naito. Sammy posed on the mat before Naito fired back, telling him to ‘tranquilo’. Rapid offence from Naito and Sammy before Darby and Suzuki tagged in, with a fearless Darby going after ‘The King of PANCRASE’ and a smiling Suzuki greeted by ‘MURDER GRANDPA’ chants as he floored Darby with a tight elbow strike. Darby fired back, but Suzuki had him scouted before we had a face-off between Sting and Suzuki as Jericho begged for the tag. Suzuki eventually obliged and Jericho and The Stinger finally came face-to-face in a wrestling match… until Suzuki blindsided him as all six men ran in for a brawl. With everyone spilling to the floor we were left with Sting and Jericho in the middle of the ring, exchanging strikes before Jericho missed a Stinger Splash and found himself in the Scorpion Deathlock only for a timely Sammy to leap off the top with a cutter to flatten ‘The Icon’.

Le Sex Gods were on the same page as they kept Sting at bay, taking the time to hit their pose as Suzuki got in on the action to a huge ovation. Darby made his way back in to tangle with Sammy, hitting a Code Red for two, but ate a top rope Spanish Fly from a Rapid Sammy who got a two of his own. Sammy also missed a Stinger Splash, then Naito made his way back in to rumble with Jericho, the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion getting the better of Jericho like he had in past meetings. Le Sex Guns hit a trifecta of sleepers on the faces, but they wriggled free as Darby barrelled into Suzuki with a tope, before eating a pinpoint Judas Effect from Jericho as he went for another dive. 

Fighting was spilling out all over ringside, with Jericho producing a table and setting it up on the floor and placing Sting on top. Jericho barked at Guevara to crush Sting through the table, but Sammy was hesitant but still hit a 630 to drive Sting through the table. As this was going on Naito made his way back in, avoided a Lionsault, but Jericho turned a Destino attempt into a Walls of Jericho, as an awakened Sting locked in a Scorpion Deathlock. Suzuki came in to get a Rear Naked Choke on Sting, before Jericho crushed Naito with a Codebreaker. Suzuki and Naito duked it out in the ring, with Sting joining the fray to double team Suzuki with Naito, Naito hitting a running pin to get the win.

Post-match Jericho cracked Naito with the bat, but Sting saved the day before too much damage was done.

Bryan Danielson def. Kazuchika Okada

Dream match time, and the Toronto crowd were practically salivating at the prospect of Danielson vs. Okada, especially when The Final Countdown played, heralding Danielson to the ring for the first time since his Ring of Honor prime. Okada was not to be outdone, with thousands of Okada Dollars raining down from the ceiling as he made his way to the ring.

Loud chants before either man even contemplated a lock-up, with loud ‘YOU’RE GONNA GET YOUR F****** HEAD KICKED IN’ chants ringing out. I’ve missed those. Loud ‘OKADA’ chants soon rang out, as the fans were clearly here to enjoy two of the best ever going at it. After jockeying for position, Danielson got the first strikes with a double knee surfboard stomp and starjumps in celebration. Quick evasions by both men, with Okada avoiding several Danielson strikes to send Bryan flying with a high speed shoulder barge, then sending Danielson to the floor with a running single leg dropkick. On the floor Okada sent Danielson into the front row with a big boot, but Danielson fired back, and set Okada into the announce desk with a running dropkick, then a flying knee off the apron for good measure.

Back in ring, Danielson focused his attacks on Okada’s arms, looking to take away the power of the Rainmaker, should Okada get it on ‘The American Dragon’. Hammer and anvil elbows into the Cattle Mutilation, but Danielson didn’t get it in fully. Okada absorbed knifedge chops from Danielson, and a stiff kick only woke him up, flapjacking Danielson when he ran at the multi-time IWGP Heavyweight Champion. More strike exchanges and evasions, with Okada starting to find his feet in the proceedings. Okada sent Danielson flying to the outside after dropkicking a top rope perched Bryan from a standing position, and the two again fought in the crowd, as Okada dove over the barricade to crush Danielson with a bodypress. 

Okada slowed it down with a submission attempt, then got a nearfall after an Air Raid Neckbreaker. Avalanche Landslide attempt was scouted, as Danielson elbowed Okada’s neck in then hit a trademark missile dropkick. Stiff uppercut exchange as duelling chants rang out once more, Okada finally taking Danielson down with a Shotgun Dropkick. Danielson fired back with a German suplex and a pair of corner dropkicks, before eating a standing dropkick from Okada. First Rainmaker attempt was scouted, only for Danielson to eat a further dropkick. Top rope elbow attempt by Okada was caught by Danielson who rolled into a reverse armbar, then into the LeBell lock. 

The action returned to the floor as Danielson went for another tope, but Okada avoided it, went for the Rainmaker, but Danielson avoided that and sent Okada flying up the ramp with a dropkick. YES kicks from Danielson, but Okada recovered to plant Danielson with a Tombstone on the video ramp. Okada dragged Danielson back to the ring and hit the flying elbow on the second time of asking, then signalled for The Rainmaker, hoping third time would be the charm. Okada couldn’t get Danielson to his feet though, and Dr. Samson was called in ring as Danielson began convulsing. Okada didn’t care and lifted Danielson up for a Rainmaker, but Danielson was playing possum and hit a big Busaiku knee before both men lay for a standing 10 count. Back on their feet and Danielson hit a second Busaiku knee for a two count before promising to “kick his f****** head in” and laying in a series of nasty stomps, and a stiff kick to take Okada down.

Danielson did a one armed Yes taunt, but ate a Landslide for his troubles before Okada hit The Rainmaker… for two. Okada was firmly in control, but Danielson countered two more Rainmaker attempts to lock in a LeBell Lock despite his impaired right arm. Danielson transitioned into an elevated armbar, as Okada tapped out, handing the win to ‘The American Dragon’. Excellent match, let’s just hope these two are not one and done.

AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door II results, June 25 2023:

  • Bryan Danielson def. Kazuchika Okada
  • Sting, Darby Allin, & Tetsuya Naito def. Chris Jericho, Sammy Guevara, & Minoru Suzuki
  • Will Ospreay def. Kenny Omega (c) - IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship
  • Toni Storm (c) def. Willow Nightingale - AEW Women's World Championship
  • The Elite (Hangman Page, The Young Bucks), Eddie Kingston, & Tomohiro Ishii def. Blackpool Combat Club (Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta, Claudio Castagnoli), Konosuke Takeshita, & Shota Umino
  • SANADA (c) def. Jack Perry - IWGP World Heavyweight Championship
  • Orange Cassidy (c) def. Zack Sabre Jr, Katsuyori Shibata, & Daniel Garcia - AEW International Championship
  • CM Punk def. Satoshi Kojima - Men's Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal
  • MJF (c) def. Hiroshi Tanahashi - AEW World Championship
  • LIJ (Shingo Takagi, BUSHI, & Hiromu Takahashi) def. United Empire (Jeff Cobb, Kyle Fletcher, & TJP) - ZERO HOUR
  • El Phantasmo def. Stu Grayson - ZERO HOUR
  • Athena def. Billie Starkz - Women's Owen Hart Cup Quarterfinal - ZERO HOUR
  • Mogul Embassy (Swerve Strickland, Brian Cage, & Gates of Agony) def. CHAOS (Rocky Romero & Best Friends) & El Desperado - ZERO HOUR

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