AEW's Brandi Rhodes Confirms Nightmare Collective Storyline Is Over

She recently appeared on Wrestling Observer Live...

All Elite Wrestling had been teasing the Nightmare Collective were set to separate in recent weeks. Brandi Rhodes aired clips with a therapist where she teased returning to her babyface Brandi character, and on last week's episode of Dark, Mel and Luther turned on Awesome Kong, putting her out of action for the foreseeable future. The separation was completed on the latest edition of Dynamite as Brandi made her way to the ring without her Nightmare Collective attire to support Cody while he received 10 lashes.

Now, Rhodes has confirmed on Wrestling Observer Live that the Nightmare Collective storyline is indeed over. She explained she did not receive any pressure from others within AEW and made the decision to end the storyline as she wasn't happy with how it was progressing and neither were the fans.

Brandi said: "One of the things that we claim at AEW is that we let our artists play their music the way that they want to play it. I'm one of the artists that's part of the Nightmare Collective and I started to see that the music was not playing how I liked it, like I didn’t feel it. And I started to notice that audience members were on the same page as me…So, I think a big misconception is AEW made changes. Not at all. I did, 100 percent. Because if I'm going to do something, I want to be happy with it and I was not happy with it. I wasn't happy with me in it. I wasn't happy with other people as far as how they were being perceived or portrayed, so I made the decision to do the series that I put out with the therapist."

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